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Ice Cream in Shot Cotton: To Line or Not to Line???

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    Jane @jesims

    I am making an Ice Cream dress and the middle section is Pink Shot Cotton (http://www.hartsfabric.com/kaffe-fassett-shot-cotton-pink-66913.html?cmp=googleproducts&kw=kaffe-fassett-shot-cotton-pink-66913&gclid=CNiQm_SRkbYCFYbc4AodeUUAsg). I am debating with myself wether to line the mid section or not. It’s supposed to be a dress for warmer weather and the shot cotton is perfect for it’s light weight but I’m afraid it’s too lightweight. Holding it up to the light I can see through it. I have the yoke finished and am to the point where if I am going to line the middle I feel like I should do it now. Thoughts, opinions, suggestions?


    Mel @Mel

    I’ve made a few things in shot cotton — a couple of tops for myself and one for my daughter — and I haven’t lined any of them and they’ve been fine, not too lightweight. I used aqua and maroon, though, so they weren’t see through. I don’t think it would hurt to have two layers of the shot cotton (or even something else that was light) because the fabric is so floaty. And it might balance the double layer hem. Hmm, that wasn’t helpful at all, was it??

    wendy @wendyls

    I’ve done a lot of sewing with the Kaffee Fassett shot cotton and never had a problem with transparency, even with the paler colours.

    Colour block Ice Cream Dress in shot cotton

    I love the breeziness of it, so I personally would be reluctant the double it up.

    On another note, I happened to notice that Fabric.com has some new shot cotton in stock. Lovely, multi-coloured stripey stuff.

    Jennifer1568 @Jennifer1568

    I don’t think you should line the middle layer. Search the flicker pool for ice cream shot cotton and there are plenty of examples. Have you seen this version? I love it. http://probablyactually.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/lilas-birthday-dress/

    Nicole @motherof5

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/motherof5/8217079530/in/set-72157626639099661 I am pretty sure that is this colour and I don’t think you will ‘need’ to line it.

    But of course you may!

    If you would like a peep I did a mini tute here http://fiveandcounting-motherof5.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/ice-cream-with-some-body.html

    XX Nicole

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