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ice cream dress help please!

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    Justine J @justmejay

    Probably too late to help, but I always sew my yoke on backwards compared to the directions, and I’ve always ended up with a fairly neat finish here (yes, I’m dyslexic!) – by backwards, I mean that I sew the unfolded edge to the wrong side, and then tuck the seam allowance in and top stitch from the front (think that’s right – haven’t made one for a few months…)

    katybellabug @katybellabug

    Thanks Justine, I’m glad you have said that because I was wondering if that way worked!

    JWo @JWo

    I realize this is probably way too late for everyone trying to make the ice-cream dress but I did things a little differently:

    I unpicked the 2 sewn edges by about 15mm and put a strong back stitch at that point. Then I sewed the 2 lining pieces together and the 2 back pieces together. That way I was able to sew the lining and skirt together in one continuous line and then fold the top over and edge-stitch. I found this gave a much neater finish than the way I first did it as suggested by the pattern. It seems to have held up without ripping as well!

    I tried to demonstrate this on my blog:


    I hope it helps

    wendy @wendyls

    I sew the yoke on backwards as well. I did it by accident the first time and then realized that it looked tidier and have done it that way ever since. I also sew the back outside yoke opening together for a wee bit. Where the directions say to hand tack the center of the back yoke where the two sides meet, I actually sew up that crease by machine.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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