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Help with thrift store fabric

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    JenniferP @JenniferP

    Hello Ladies, I need some advice. I recently bought ~3 yds fabric at my local thrift shop and am not sure what to use it for. It is a pink cotton twill (I think it’s twill), basically a heavy-ish fabric that seems like it’s home decor weight. Would this work for pants or for outerwear? Any suggestions for which O&S or LTTS patterns to use would be greatly appreciated. TIA, and Happy New Year!

    Nicole @motherof5

    Mystery fabric-how fun!

    Give it a good wash to see how soft it will be. If any OP Shop smell lingers a tea bag tossed in the soaking water can help remove odours.

    Home Dec weight would be perfect for any of the bags,I mage a doll carrier from it (one side,the other side cotton)and it was perfect.

    The aprons would be very sturdy made from heavier fabric,bound with cotton.

    Trousers without too many pleats would be great. The Sailboat trouser or skirt would make up well.

    The Brunch skirt would be nice and if the waistband seems a little thick you could always face it with a cotton. Make sure it is a sturdy cotton,I made some jeans for the Twins when they were little and faced them with Liberty. The lawn eventually ‘died’ but the jeans were still going strong.

    The Fire Fly coat would be nice too. I made one from heavy wool crepe and I really liked the look of it in a firmer cloth.


    JenniferP @JenniferP

    Thank you for the great suggestions! I was stuck on clothing, but you have inspired me to stretch a bit with my thinking! 🙂

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I love op shop fabric, in fact most of my stash is op shop/or given to me from other people. What about red riding hood cape? Sandbox or even field trip. I got given some almost white heavy denim in the last lot of fabric and I’m planning to make the field trip (when I get the pattern). another option would be the explorer vest, I have made it out of cord or very thick denim for the outside, but I used a lighter cotton for the inside and to line the pockets/pocket flaps. I agree with Nicole either of the Bags from LTTS would be wonderful.

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Sounds like fun. Almost anything from the Little Things To Sew book would work. You’ve probably got enough there for a puppet theatre, either the drop sheet or the house fabric. Penguin backpack, Messenger Bag or the free downloadable Mother Daughter Tote would all be great. I think a bucket hat would be fine too, nice and sturdy in a thicker fabric.

    Clothes wise; the Secret Agent trench would be cute in pink. I’ve used a thick Duck cotton canvas for the sailboat skirt/pants and it works well. Almost any pants pattern should work.

    I’ll be curious to hear how many projects you can cut out of that length of fabric! So many cheap (not counting your time of course) things to make.

    meleliza @meleliza

    The cape would be darling in pink, if it isn’t too stiff. The music box jumper works nicely in denim, so twill would be good.

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