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Length difference between front and back skirt pieces

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    Hi all- I am piecing the printed paper pieces and the back panel pieces are inches longer than the front or sides!! They join at 6A on top and 6B on the bottom. I reviewed all the pieces from the download and I seem to have the correct ones. Any thoughts as to what might be the problem or did anyone else run into this? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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    I’ve assembled the pattern but I’m yet to make the skirt so my answer is thus qualified…

    I think the height difference is because the front of the skirt will have a separate waistband attached, whereas the back of the skirt will fold down to form it’s own waistband.

    Anyone who’s sewn one want to confirm?

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    Lighting is right, the back panel piece is longer than the front, side pieces. The back will form a casing for the elastic to go through.

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    Hi, just a note that I’ve edited the thread title to make it easier for other folks with the same question to find this thread.

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