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Has anyone added pockets to the Butterfly Skirt?

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    Inder @Inder

    I just finished the blouse and I’m about to start making the skirt, but I am feeling an overpowering urge to add side slash pockets. I’m thinking of using the Sketchbook Shorts pocket as a basic starting point (but with a straight rather than curved opening). Has anyone tried adding pockets to the skirt? Maggie is at the “I love pockets!” age, and I want to indulge her. 🙂

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    Todd Gibson

    Did you see Liesl’s recent tutorial on the blog?

    adding pockets to the parachute sweatpants (and the butterfly skirt)

    Not sure this is exactly what you want, but it could be a starting point.

    Inder @Inder

    Oh, thank you Todd!! Well, last night, I took matters into my own hands, and using the Sketchbook pocket and facing pieces, I added pockets to the Butterfly Skirt. Making this, officially, something I would wear any day! LOL! Maggie likes the pockets too. It was very easy and fast to do. Modeled pics coming to my blog soon, I’m sure! https://instagram.com/p/3sbgDpk1b9/?taken-by=inder_khalsa

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