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Garden Party Dress – some changes to

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    BeckyinFL @BeckyinFL

    I have made the Garden Party dress twice now, and I just want to record a few changes I made in case it would interest anyone else:
    *After tracing the front piece I cut my pattern apart along the basting line so I could mark along it on the fabric (taped back together again for next time.)
    *Ran 5 lines of basting instead of 3. Sounds excessive, but worked well for the thin fabric I used and kept the gathers better in check.
    *Interfaced (lightweight fusible) the entire back facing and also the outer shoulder pieces, the outer front yoke piece, and both the front and back belt pieces. I felt these pieces needed a bit of extra stiffness, and it seemed to work well.
    *Added 1/4″ length to shoulder pieces to give the neckline a tiny bit more depth. Probably not a big enough change to make a significant difference, though.
    *Added 4″ in length to the front and back skirt pieces.
    *Attached hem tape and then hand-stitched a 2″ hem to make a longer dress, a deeper, more substantial hem, and to eliminate machine stitching at the hem.
    *Used tiny hook and eye instead of button at back opening.

    Photos of finished dress posted in Flickr pool.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Just a tip — if you post these changes in the caption of the photo, they will be more easily available for anybody who searches the flickr pool for inspiration and comes across your dress. You can include notes about what size you made and what fabric you used as well, people often are curious about that.

    BeckyinFL @BeckyinFL

    Good idea. I’ll do that, Sarvi. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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