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Gaping Pockets

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    Monica @Monica

    I made the city stroll in canvas. I adjusted the front so that the skirt lies flat on my tummy (I eliminated the darts and added some length to the front piece so that wraps as far as the start of the opposite pocket). Basically, the skirt fits. However, I find the pockets gape some. Anybody else have this issue? I’m not sure how to address it since, as I said, the skirt fits me and lies flat in the front and the side seams are not stressed. FYI – I made a size 0, with the modifications I described. I also tacked down the pocket about 1/3 of the way down (as shown in the photos) in an (unsuccessful) effort to stop the gape.

    Liesl Gibson

    So it sounds like the pocket edge either stretched a bit during construction or pocket is slightly smaller than the front skirt. You could try ripping out the side seam at the spot where the pocket meets the side seam and below and pull the front skirt a bit tighter before re-sewing it. In other words, leave the panel above the pocket as is but adjust the fabric below the pocket. I’m not sure I’m being clear…

    Monica @Monica

    Hmm. Interesting suggestion… thank you so much for weighing in!!!

    The pocket is not stretched, it looks good on a hanger, for example. I do understand what you mean. However, the skirt sits entirely flat if hanging off the body. And, I experimented with basting around the pocket–I wondered if attaching the pocket to the front of the skirt all the way around the curve (with topstitching) might cure the ill – but it made no difference in how the top edge of the pocket behaved (so I just removed the basting).

    Do you think your suggestion could still be effective? When I basted it in place, there was no extra fabric — the pocket and skirt match up smoothly, 1:1, if that makes sense.

    I will experiment with your idea. Of course, it’s all finished and serged — will take a bit of doing to undo it all. But I’d like to figure it out so that I feel like it’s worth making others. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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