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Fit on Sunday Brunch

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    Erin S @ourhandstheyseek

    I’m hoping someone can provide some input on how the Sunday Brunch Jacket fits compared to other O+S patterns. I’ve put together the front and back yokes and front and back panels in a 2T (plus 1″ of added length in torso and sleeves) so far and it’s looking pretty small. My daughter is 21 months old; other than her height, her measurements align with the 18-24 month size so I was hoping this would be slightly roomy and at least last the spring and summer.

    I’m specifically worried about shoulder room. When I place the jacket in its current state on her, the edges of the yokes come to the edges of her shoulders so I’m worried about how it will fit once seam allowances are used up.

    To give context, her 2T Rainy Days Jacket is pretty roomy but it doesn’t close particularly well with something like a thick sweater under it (though it’s lined with fleece so I’m sure that’s part of the issue). Her 2T Class Picnic Blouses fit in the shoulders and are roomy elsewhere. Her 18-24 mo. Book Report Dress is tight but she can still squeeze into it.

    I guess my question is if I should keep forging ahead with the 2T or if I should re-trace the pattern and scrap what I’ve done so far. Any thoughts?

    Nicole @motherof5

    I found the Sunday Brunch a fait-to-generous fit. I would not have layered it over a jumper (sweater) but my girls always got a good amount of wear from their corresponding size.

    The added bonus is it looks really cute a little fitted.
    Sunday Brunch & Spotty Boots
    (this is the 6-12 months on my 18 month old)
    I hope that helps.

    Erin S @ourhandstheyseek

    Thanks! Knowing the size and her is helpful. Such a sweet photo, too!

    Liesl Gibson

    I’d call it more of a blazer than a jacket, per se. You probably wouldn’t be able to layer a sweater under it, but you could wear it over a light blouse or T-shirt.

    Elizabeth @Ekmcnally

    I found the fit on this one to be pretty generous. I made a lengthened size 2 and it way too short but still fit otherwise when she was 4. She’s skinny, but still. I love this pattern- hope you can make it work for your girl!

    meleliza @meleliza

    I have found the fit forgiving or roomy. I have also found that sizing up too much on this one looks sloppy. The gathers make it especially good for those adorable buda bellies and the cuffs are a fantastic growth room detail. I’ve been able to layer thin sweaters underneath, like a cardi, but it’s not a coat as Liesl says.

    I’m just thinking about making my girl one for spring….

    Erin S @ourhandstheyseek

    Thanks, everyone! I was intending it as something to wear over short and longsleeve tshirts in the spring and summer so hopefully the fit will be okay.

    Mel @Mel

    I love this pattern but I’ve found it to be quite short on my girls. My girls are on the taller side, though, so depending on what I’m making, I will add a couple of inches and then decide if they’re needed when it’s done. The last couple of times I made this jacket, I added 3 inches to the bottom.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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