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Fabric Sales at Favorite Web Stores

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    brenda1652 @brenda1652

    The long awaited reopening of Chez Ami (www.chezami.com) is here. I tried out the site yesterday and found that all their fabrics and ribbon are on sale for 30% off. So I snatched up some of that delicious stretch velvet for leggings and a bright heavy weight (14.5 ounce) interlock for a Playtime outfit. OK, all is well, I spent my monthly fun money on this purchase, and was feeling all smug about it. I got some terrific quality fabrics (sale is still ongoing). Then I opened my email today to find a notice from Fabric Mart (www.fabricmartfabrics.com) that their corduroys are on sale at 50% off. Much teeth gnashing going on here! I NEED some of that for some pants for the little ones in my life. Oh well, there will be more sales at some point right? Still, I had to scoot on over to their site to window shop a bit. The selection is wonderful, lots of lovely colors, 100% designer cotton corduroy. So, if any of you still have few dollars to splurge (actually to save, right? I mean, since it’s all on sale) you may want to check out both web stores.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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