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Fabric guide and measurements

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    Toyota888 @Toyota888

    …even trickier – I clicked on your forum name and it took me to your website!

    littlebirdy @littlebirdy

    How bizarre. I didn’t know it did that!

    june @june

    Hi everyone!

    Google can be used to convert these units.

    e.g. 1 1/2″ -> search [1 1/2 inch in cm] and you’ll get

    the results as [ (1 1/2) inch = 3.81 centimetres ]

    Other conversion such as yard to meter can be done in the same way.

    Dom @Dom

    Well well well!

    Thank you everyone for helping the poor lonesome french girl ;o)

    I guess you should think about having your fabric guide and finished measurements in metric units, beause your awesome patterns are available in France since a few weeks (well I found them two weeks ago), and I guess the other french poor lonesome girls will hesitate before getting the patterns…

    I do use the Google converter, but there are still mysteries about your way of measuring, like these 1 3/8 yard or 1 5/8 yard. About the size, 6 is for 6 years, and so on? My daughter is almost 5 but she wear ‘6 years’ in France (114cm).

    Sorry for my english (a little weird I guess) and thank you so much for helping!!!

    See ya later,


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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