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    arlyna @arlyna

    Just wondering whether there is a possibility of offering the patterns in downloadable format rather than a physical one. Nothing beats getting the pattern in the mail but I like the download version because:

    1. i get it instantly and saves on postage

    2. can print using recycled paper from office

    3. environment-friendly, at least to some degree


    What do you think?

    Toyota888 @Toyota888

    I have to say I am a bit of a sucker for the hard copy pattern, but I am like that with everything – books, CDs, letters – there’s something about touching the actual product someone has lovingly put together. Being in Australia the postage factor is often very painful, but I think I’d still pay extra so it all folded up nicely in an envelope (and don’t forget the paper dolls!). Having said that I get my o+s patterns from a great Australian website so I usually get them the day after ordering them, which is very satisfying.

    How do you store your downloaded patterns once you’ve printed them?

    In a similar vein though I had thought about suggesting something enviro saving for those folks (like me) who want to buy every pattern in both size ranges. Perhaps you could purchase the cutting layouts without the second set of instructions. Although it really is so little paper that it probably doesn’t warrant the effort of customising envelopes.


    When we launched Oliver + S we looked into producing the patterns as digital files rather than paper, but we quickly determined that the idea is still several years ahead of the technology. There are still too many issues with printing and tiling very large format pattern sheets on home printers, and most sewers don’t have access to large format plotters yet.

    We would like nothing more than to be able to get out of the paper printing, inventory management, and distribution business so that we can focus on design. But we wouldn’t be able to produce the same high quality product we do today without the physical package.

    That said, we believe that within ten years the technology will exist to have made paper sewing patterns obsolete. We’re constantly exploring new developments that would allow us to produce our patterns in a different way–while still maintaining the quality of the product and the sewing experience it provides. We’re sure that someday in the not-too-distant future we’ll be moving to electronic distribution. But we haven’t yet found the right combination of technology solutions to allow it to happen in a way that will make all our customers happy.

    April Henry @April1930s

    I’m old-fashioned… I like the tactility of the real thing. All that comes to mind otherwise, is if technology advances so much that we’ll all be in Emperors in New Clothes. heheheee

    sews4kla @sews4kla

    I vote for old fashioned paper patterns too. There is a certain thrill in finding vintage patterns (1920s, 30s, 40s, etc.) and being able to use them to make things for our modern day kids. Years and years from now I like to think that someone – hopefully a great,great grandchild) – will have my treasure trove of patterns and feel a connection with my love for sewing and creativity.

    Yes, I do like automatic downloads but I get all happy when I find old patterns in the antique shops.

    Lizabeth @Lizabeth

    Here’s Liesel’s blog post from almost a year ago as to why she chose the paper she did for the patterns: http://www.oliverands.com/blog/2008/09/touchy-feely.html

    I like especially that the patterns are hand folded–it sounds strange, but I like the human touch 🙂

    june @june



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    I don’t think downloadable patterns are that bad idea.

    I prefer taping papers together and cut, rather than tracing,

    especially when I want to sew one item in different sizes.

    It is useful to adjust sizes and make alternations, too.

    I sometimes download PDF patterns from Burdastyle.com

    and the whole process is enjoyable.

    But I also understand the preciousness of the real (printed) package.

    It was really an excitement to open it and feel it.

    Well, now what I hope is…

    more and more free downloadable patterns from Oliver + S! 😛


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    arlyna @arlyna

    Totally agree that nothing beats the feeling of getting something physical in the mail esp when I got my first Oliver + S pattern from Kelanifabric.com (http://www.kelanifabric.com.au/index.php?PCID=10887&PSO=236&PSID=DP11SA2&PSV=Primary&CDO=) in Australia.

    As always there is a pro and con. But maybe offering 2 options for people to choose whether they want a downloable version (like the free pattern for Popover Sundress) and a physical version, gives some sort of choice or flexibility…???

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