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    kaillaplatt @kaillaplatt

    Hello –

    I am just about finished with my backpack – bought the pattern ages ago. It looks great and I am thrilled with it. My daughter can’t wait to take it to school. However, I am at the point when I am trying to put in the rivets on the straps. As recommended in the pattern I added canvas to my straps ( they don’t seem particularly thick), but now there is no way that the included rivets will go through all the layers of fabric. I am having trouble finding similar rivets with a longer shank. Any ideas or sources? Thank you.

    ps not sure where to put this questions as there is no topic heading that matches.

    Liesl Gibson

    These straps can get quite thick. I’ve sometimes ripped out the last couple inches of stitching on the straps and cut some of the canvas from inside, just to reduce the bulk a bit. You can always re-stitch the straps to finish them nicely–just remove enough canvas to reduce the bulk in the portion that gets folded and it should work well.

    Have fun with it! I use my backpack frequently.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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