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creative bug: feedback?

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    Liesl Gibson

    Happy Friday!

    Those of you who have checked out creative bug (www.creativebug.com), any feedback you’d like to offer? I’m starting to plan a few more days of taping in July and would love to hear from you, especially if there is anything in particular that you would like me to cover. Techniques, tricks, etc? The taping process is very long, so we’re going to fit as much as we can into three days, including a joint project or two with Heather Ross, if all goes well. Should be fun!

    scampbell712 @scampbell712

    seems like a really visually appealing site–easy to navigate and great concept. i haven’t watched a video yet so i can’t comment but looks like exciting things are on the horizon!

    mrskanuckles @mrskanuckles

    Ahh.. exciting. The site looks great, I am considering signing up! I have been sewing quite a bit in the last 6-9 months and learning alot. Your patterns make it so great to learn new techniques.

    But my question may sound very very newbie… maybe… *sigh.

    It would be wonderful to learn binding/placket/sewing from top and catching the bottom tricks.

    Example would be after you attach the opened binding then iron the seam allowance toward it, then wrap it around and pin from the top and then sew it, I always seem to miss catching that dumb binding randomly, even though I pin the you know what out of it. So frustrating. Also, on like the icecream dress when you sew from the top and it looks great, then you look under it and it didnt catch the facing right and it looks elementary. Any hints to perfect this? The button placket on the hopscotch I screwed up a couple times because of this. Tricks would be lovely.

    Oh yeah, another thing is (**I have not sewn a zipper with O+S, but I did recently with lisette shorts) but when I install a zipper in patterns and you wrap the top of the zipper tape around the seam allownce, it just never really came out right, or flat or professional looking. Hints for a tidy finished looking zipper would be nice.

    I think I wrote too much – oy vey.

    juliamom2009 @juliamom2009

    So here’s my input – I do like the concept for the site. I really like that they “give back” – that’s actually something that will make me think about signing up.

    I like the idea of the kind of “on-demand” sewing lessons. It’s certainly good to have a visual for some sewing techniques rather than just written tutorials. I did most of my sewing learning from “Sewing With Nancy” which was on TV in like the 90’s I think. When my kids were little, they called it “Sewing and Dancing”…

    I do think you should add some more advanced sewing techniques to the lessons. Like, I’d love something adding some of your great details….or new details. Like something like a welt pocket, or bound buttonholes. I’d like a good tutorial on how to add a lining to an un-lined jacket pattern.

    There’s my two cents! Hope this project is successful for you all…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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