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Cotton/nylon blend fabric?

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    My son has a couple pairs of RTW shorts made from a 70/30 cotton/nylon blend, and I love it – it doesn’t stain or wear as badly as his 100% cotton clothes, it dries more quickly than 100% cotton, and yet it feels softer and more comfortable than 100% nylon/Taslon. I’ve looked around online, but I can’t seem to find much. Mood has a few, but mostly they’re awfully fancy for toddler shorts. Rose City Textiles seems to have three options, but two of them are waxed. That might be ok – I’m going to order swatches. I’ve been searching for cotton/nylon blends and cotton/Tactel blends – is there maybe some magic search term I’m missing, or another outdoor apparel fabric seller I’m missing?

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    Have you tried the Outdoor Ready series on our blog? As I recall, Ashley had a nice post there about sourcing fabric for purposes like this. I remember that Rose City Textiles was listed as an option, but maybe she mentioned others as well?


    @lightningmcstitch is resourceful when it comes to these things as well.

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    Thanks for reminding me of Ashley’s fabric sourcing tips. A pair of cargo shorts in that kind of nylon blend is exactly what my husband would want me to sew for him (getting my threads crossed)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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