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Carousel Dress Neckline

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    Tawn Deavers @Dboog

    I am almost finished sewing the Carousel dress for my one year old granddaughter, but I have a question concerning the neckline. In step 2, the instructions say “with the right side of the binding facing the wrong side of the dress, pin…..”, but if you look at the illustration, it shows the wrong side of the binding facing the right side of the dress. Am I reading the instructions correct or am I looking at the illustration incorrectly? Thank you for your help.

    vothgirl @vothgirl

    I believe the illustration is incorrect – if you follow the text instructions, the method described is her preferred method for attaching bias binding. The illustration should show the wrong side of the fabric instead of the right side. I was just following that same step a few hours ago and used the text for guidance instead of the picture.

    Todd Gibson

    There is an errata notice for that pattern that might address this issue:

    In the first printing of this pattern there was a minor error in the instructions. In the second column on page 4, the bottom two illustrations have the fabric right side-fabric wrong side shading reversed. Where you see the fabric right side illustrated, substitute fabric wrong side and vice versa.

    Does that explain this, or are you having difficulty in another step?

    Tawn Deavers @Dboog

    Thank you, both, for your response. I really do appreciate the clarification. I will follow the text instructions. Anxious to get this cute little dress completed. Again, thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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