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    misshazel @misshazel

    I’d like to make the cape from Little Things. I’m stuck on fabric.

    I’m looking for a simple gray, over Grandma’s festive dress. I looked first at home decorating fabric, but all that was a bit too busy. Corduroy maybe, but am not eager to fuss with the direction of the wale.

    Is felt an option? Felt is washable, but would it also pill horribly? Are there brands anyone recommends? Also, would I need to worry about it stretching or not working with a cotton lining?

    Twill? Canvas? I’m willing to buy online, sadly Boston fabric stores are small or nonexistent. Advice would be greatly appreciated so I can buy with a bit more confidence.

    thanks so much, Denise

    mkhs @mkhs

    I wouldn’t use a heavy fabric for this cape. I’ve made it with metallic cotton lined with flannel, and gray wool suiting, also lined with flannel. Some drape is nice, and you want the main fabric and the lining to have a similar hand, so they move as one. I think a lightweight twill would be lovely, or a cotton/linen mix.

    meleliza @meleliza

    I’ve made it in linen with a quilting cotton lining with good results. I think a light to medium weight twill would work if it has a little drape, as would wool. Canvas would probably be too stiff.

    Jane @jesims

    What about a cotton velvet?


    Swissmama @Swissmama

    I used a Robert Kauffman canvas purchased on Etsy with a quilting cotton lining. This was my first clothing project so I’m not sure how it might compare to other fabrics. One issue I had was that the lining stretched more than the canvas. It’s a fun project, though!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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