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button tab overlapping question

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    june @june

    About the button tabs, I would like to know why “the short tab overlaps the long tab”.

    Both the instruction and the drawing [view A] shows that the button tabs overlaps in that way, however, the picture in front of the package shows that “the long tab overlaps the short tab”.

    Considering how the front placket of girls’ garments overlaps (*), it seems the package drawing is how it should be.

    It might be only a matter of personal taste, but if there are any reasons to have them “short on long”, I would like to know.

    (*) Button placket is on Left Front for Girls; Right Front for Boys. Buttonhole Placket is on Right Front for Girls; Left Front for Boys.

    April Henry @April1930s

    You’ve got a good eye! I’ve actually seen it sewn either way. Whatever you prefer and looks better for your fabric/button choice.

    Liesl Gibson

    June, you can absolutely do it either way. I think I’ve done it both ways, myself. Have fun with it!

    june @june

    Thanks for your comments. I see, I will experiment with it!

    Actually, there is a lot to experiment, what fabric for trim, what kind of buttons, etc…

    Hope I can finish it by my daughter’s birthday!

    PinkLizzy Sews @PinkLizzy Sews

    I have found that my long tab is sometimes too long to go under the short tab so I end up having to slightly fold it. I do prefer the long tab under the short tab myself but I really think it’s up to personal taste.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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