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Building Block Dress Placket

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    Jessica @jhom

    Hi, I’m confused on where to draw the line for the placket. On pg 46 it says to use the center-back fold line and illustration looks like it’s from the center of the skirt using the fold line as a guide. Then what is the center fold line on the pattern that runs the length of the skirt for? It’s the line about a half inch away from the fold line that has the placket dot on it.

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    I notice you asked in the Facebook group too and I answered in a little more detail there.
    In short, it depends entirely on whether the dress you’ve designed requires any opening in the centre back skirt.
    If an opening, like a zipper, or button placket extends into the skirt panel then you need that extra seam allowance.
    If not, use the inner line (centre back) and cut your skirt on the fold.

    Emily Heinz @emilyheinz

    Hi, I’m making the basic version of the BB dress for the first time, trying to follow instructions exactly as written without any variations. I have a question about how bulky the skirt placket is. I’m making the dress in a micro-wale corduroy (needlecord maybe?). Would the skirt placket in the corduroy be too bulky? Is this a good place to use a lighter quilting cotton or lawn for the skirt placket? I’m already using a contrast quilting cotton for the collar and sleeve trims. thanks!

    Liesl Gibson

    I’ve sewn that placket in micro cord and didn’t find it to be bulky at all, but if you’re concerned you could always choose a contrast lightweight fabric. Either one should be fine!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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