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    scgoble @scgoble

    I feel lucky that my daughter is only 4, so I see no need to even tell her about it. We usually listen to NPR in the car, (not that she’s really paying attention), but we have heard a lot more Alicia Keys and holiday music from my phone over the weekend. I admit I am still in denial mode.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    While still inadequate, I have a friend who is doing 26 random acts of kindness, one in the name of each victim. Maybe such a thing will help children of a certain age cope. Empower them with the feeling of goodness and love.

    I don’t think my son is old enough to get it, but I am. I can consciously act to help others in the name of the victims.


    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I’m scanning for anything heartening, anything that reminds me of the good that people do. A little girl knitting matching hats for children with cancer and their dolls, and selling them to raise funds to donate dolls to the hospital. She’s getting close to her goal of giving away 100 American Girl dolls. People like that, being loving and decent just because people often are. I don’t want to get involved in the ghoulish rubbernecking around these kinds of events — the tabloids are impossible and the supposed non tabloids are only marginally less terrible. There’s a certain amount of danger in the world. We already knew that. Perhaps it will be possible to make some changes that will be helpful going forward, but right now, the need is for emotional safety. I’m so grateful my kid is too little to understand or to be affected.

    It was one of the things I worried about before I had a child. How would I stand it? How would I be able to stand the ferocious love and attachment that parents feel, that makes you want to weep over every fever, let alone the unspeakable? But people do. You can’t just live in constant fear — you keep a smile and give your strength to your kid. That love, that’s the thing that matters and endures.

    katybellabug @katybellabug

    My little girl is nearly 5 and we have managed to keep the news from her but there has been the odd moment when I hugged her just a bit tighter over the last few days. I watched my husband do the same and had to busy myself with something to stop the tears. It is just senseless and it is happening too often all around the world. Once is too many times.

    My heart goes out to those taken from us and those that are left to deal with it all.

    Liesl Gibson

    Thank you all for weighing in on this topic! I’ve appreciated all your thoughts and am sure others have been helped by what you’ve written as well. Drop-off today was, indeed, difficult, but I think it will get easier over time.

    Here is a short list of resources that have helped and encouraged me the past few days:

    Mr. Rogers: Look for the helpers http://www.fci.org/new-site/par-tragic-events.html

    Brene Brown: a childhood friend and educator referred me to her site the other day, where she offers lots of insight and suggestions: brenebrown.com

    One of my pastors, Tim Keller, on grief and mourning: http://sermons2.redeemer.com/sermons/praying-our-tears

    And a suggestion that I need to follow, myself: turn of the radio/TV and turn your attention elsewhere for a while. It’s easy to dwell on this full-time, and sometimes it’s not healthy to do that. This fall has been full of turmoil and disruption in our area. A friend told me that she’s been reading books about the Blitz, just to keep things in perspective. But maybe it’s also important to find joy, too? We have so much that we can be thankful for.

    I’m going to go settle in with S for a while. Have a good evening, and I’m here if you need me!



    needlewoman @needlewoman

    Dear liesl what an exceptional woman you are; to give this forum’s members an opportunity to talk without fearing judgement. It’s still really big news in Australia, and I know of a number of women whose are thinking/praying for all those unhappy families. One feels so helpless and so humble even on the most outer perimeter of such terrible pain.


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