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Altering/purchasing RTW denim/pants to fit sway back + sufficient derriere

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    rebecca @rebecca

    I found this *awesome* illustration that quite defines my figure (see image). My waist is a size 4, my hips are a size 8. However, it’s not a fix that involves a slight taper down the hip line, it’s really the *massive* jump from my back to the protruding shelf, er, derriere that is nearly impossible to fit. The front and side hips are always fine.

    I’ve found that “super low cut” jeans really fit well, because they’re cut below my “sway,” but then reveal a whole new world when bending over. 😉 Unfortunately I’ve also found that maternity jeans fit gloriously, because they flatter my hips, and don’t have a gap waist. Odd, I know.

    Point being… I need to buy jeans that fit my hips, but how on *earth* do I tailor the back-only of the jeans?? The front waist is always fine, it’s just that protruding issues. I’m at my wit’s end, finding a solution that is quite lovely, and not looking like it’s hacked.


    Nicole @motherof5

    I think I can help. I do this for my Twins as they have tiny waists and curvy botties.

    #1 Unpick the back waistband about two inches either side of the centre back seam.
    #2 Unpick the centre back seam as far as needed.
    #3 Try on jeans and re-fit, pinning out excess.
    #4 Re-sew centre back seam, fit again, adjust, trim, neaten and topstitch.
    #5 Cut the excess from the centre back waistband and re-sew, press the seam open.
    #6 Re-attach the waistband, the belt loop will cover the seam.

    Any thick seams subdue nicely with a whack from a hammer.

    mcholley1 @mcholley1

    My sway back probably not as much as yours, but have the same struggle with rtw pants. I’ve had good luck with Jessica Simpson brand jeans lately. They seem to sit higher and the waistband curves up in the center back. Though, they are miles too long, and I have to hem them if I want to wear them without boots!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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