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A zip fly?

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    bren5kids @bren5kids

    I have not bought this pattern yet, am definitely going to though. I have a brand-new 3 week old son and think a tiny pair of cargo pants would be adorable. But I also have 3 older boys who would prefer a working zipper fly, and my question is: would it be within the realm of possibilities to put a working zipper fly in these pants? Maybe Leisl or some other talented seamstress could do a tutorial?

    beachmom @beachmom

    I don’t have the Field Trip pattern but I would assume the mock fly is similar to the Sketchbook shorts. Correct me if I’m wrong! I have added a functioning fly/zipper to a pair of sketchbook shorts: http://flic.kr/p/cDuaeJ

    I have every intention of blogging the process at some point. Right now though I have a serious backlog of sewing projects that need to be done.:) If you have a pants pattern with a zipper fly you can use that as a guide. You will need a fly shield, a zipper (of course!) and you’ll have to make adjustments to the waistband.


    Tamara @justsewit

    I am very interested in seeing this blog post when you have the time to do one Cindy. It may help lengthen the life of usage for some pants patterns in this house.

    Congratulations on your new baby bren5kids. The thought of baby cargos is thrilling – can’t wait to see them.

    brittmark19 @brittmark19

    I have found a couple tutorials online to be extremely helpful for sewing zip flys (flies?)…

    Both methods are fairly similar, one is a video and one is step by step with photos, but they’re both pretty foolproof.



    bren5kids @bren5kids

    I too will be waiting for that blog post , Beachmoom. The picture you posted looks super neat and not too complicated.

    Wow, Brittmark! That video makes the process look easy as pie, thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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