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    1. The notches on the short sleeve pattern piece (piece #8) are placed incorrectly. Use the notches to begin and end the gathering stitches, but note that they will not match up with the armhole when you pin the sleeve to the armhole. The sleeve will still fit if you disregard the notches on the sleeve when you pin and stitch the sleeve into position.

    2. A few pattern pieces were incorrectly identified in the cutting layout in the first printing of the instructions. The correct labels are as follows.

    3. The skirt hip finished measurement chart on the size 4-8 pattern envelope is incorrect. It should read as follows:


    4: 25 1/2″

    5: 26 1/2″

    6: 27 1/2″

    7: 28 1/2″

    8: 29 1/2″

    4. The finished measurements table on the back of the pattern envelope contains an incorrect column heading. The middle column should be labeled “18-24 M” instead of “12-24 M.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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