asmita’s camp shirt and lisboa pajamas

Asmita is sharing her new pajama set made from the Camp Shirt and Lisboa Shorts. Her selections are amazing and create a garment that works both in and out of the home!

This has been a year of several firsts for me, starting from making my first ever proper night suit, to making a halter top (Enmore), and most recently, shorts. I was quite excited when the Lisboa shorts pattern first came out because I have only recently discovered the comfort of shorts and this shorts’ pattern with a simple elasticated waist seemed to be a good low-stakes pattern to sew my first ever pair of shorts.

While it is nice to have a pattern that is full of details, and teaches you a new sewing technique, or some complex design detail, the advantage of a one-scissor pattern is that it can be simple enough to be styled in varied ways. That is exactly what I decided to do with my Lisboa shorts. I decided to make them as part of my pajama shorts set.

Woman leaning against a railing wearing a button up pajama shirt and pajama shorts

Size details and modifications

Based on my measurements (W 30-31”, H 41”) I made a size 12 toile. This turned out to be way too large. Keeping an eye on the finished measurements is a good idea in this case as the shorts are quite roomy in the thighs. I made a size 10 for my final version, with only two modifications: shortened the crotch length by ½” and reduced the width of the waistband to 4” to get a small paper bag effect rather than the intended one. Usually, I need to shorten the pattern because I am 5’4 ½” but in this case, I did not need to. I used the 5” seam length. I wasn’t sure if to add pockets at all but ultimately decided to keep the front pockets. Like most people, I think I would choose to have pockets over no pockets any day.

The top is the Camp shirt in size 4A. I have made a bunch of modifications to this pattern .

To get some cool vibe I used some expensive linen from my stash. The selvedge simply says “European shirting linen”; it crinkles nicely, and I like to think that it gives the overall dress an especially nice look.

Close up of a woman wearing a button up pajama shirt and pajama shorts

Back view of a woman wearing a button up pajama shirt and pajama shorts

The thing that took the longest time was trying to decide whether I wanted to add piping to achieve a more “pj” look. After much thought, I decided to skip it entirely, and instead added a running stitch using cotton embroidery thread in all the places where I was hoping to add piping. I feel that the effect is subtle but quite lovely.

Close up of woman wearing a button down shirt, detailing running stitch embroidery

Plus, it gives me the added advantage of wearing the top and the shorts separately, and even venturing out of the house in my shorts should I choose to.

I always like to think that I have learned something new when I make a new garment. In this case, I feel what I learned was to rethink how to wear two basic me-made items from my wardrobe and style them in ways that I would not have otherwise. The Lisboa shorts and the Camp shirt worn together definitely give a fancy pj vibe but worn separately, don’t necessarily remind me of the other, and I think therein lies the beauty of a well-made garment.

Woman standing outside wearing a button up pajama shirt with day shorts


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  1. I love everything about this pajama set. The linen, the running stitch! It looks fantastic!

    1. Thank you Lyndsey!

  2. Enbee

    That’s a very sophisticated set of pajamas! Beautifully made!

    1. Certainly the most sophisticated that I have ever owned! Thank you Enbee.

  3. Erica

    Asmita, this is a really beautiful set that doesn’t even read as “pajamas” — they are a quite elevated set of loungewear! The fit looks really good, and I love your addition of the hand embroidery.

    1. Thank you Erica. i have decided to think of “fit” as work in progress:-)

  4. SShaw

    Yup, I would wear that out. Especially looking at the second photo with the half tuck- it could definitely pass for daywear! Nice work as always, Asmita.

    1. Thank you so much! To tell the truth, I am not sure if at this point, I am still comfortable wearing shorts outside the house. Less to do with how I look in it, and more with the social setting that I move around in. But yes, it also means that if someone comes home unexpectedly, I wouldn’t need to go and quickly change!

  5. Mary

    the running stitch is a really nice detail. I’m borrowing that. Thank you

    1. Oh! so happy to hear that. Thank you Mary.

  6. Dawn Wyda

    I LOVE this set! The fit, the fabric, and the stitching is perfect!

    1. Thank you Dawn for your kind words.

  7. Maria

    I love the result, Asmita, congrats, well done!

    1. I do too! Thank you Maria.

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