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Hello friends, and happy 2022!

At our house we’re a little late getting fully started with the new year since yesterday was also a holiday: Epiphany, or Three Kings Day as it’s celebrated in Spain. Traditionally this is when the kings bring gifts for children, keeping Christmas and gift-giving more separate. Instead of hot chocolate and cookies for Santa and his reindeer, many children leave a (more Spanish) snack for the kings and for their camels. School (finally) starts next Monday, and I’m eager to get back into my normal work schedule.

Look of the Day

It’s been cold here and I’m thinking about layers. I love this look!

photo from Mango

You could easily recreate this look with our Melville Cardigan layered over a Classic Shirt. Tuck them both into your favorite jeans or Hollywood Trousers, throw a jacket or coat over them, pop the collars, and push up the sleeves. It looks both relaxed and pulled together, not to mention warm! The classic jewelry is a perfect touch, too.

Weekend Reading

  • I’m interested in learning more about accessibility and clothing this year, so this article was quite timely for me.
  • I love to wear cashmere in the winter. (Everlane and Uniqlo make good, affordable versions that last for years if you take good care of them.) Back in high school I was given a hand-me-down cashmere sweater that I wore for about 35 years until I finally had to retire it. It was excellent quality. If you want to learn more about cashmere, this is a very interesting article.
  • How much did you know about Elsa Schiaparelli outside of her most iconic designs? Me neither.
  • Did you take a look at all the wonderful sewing you did during the past two months? I’m so impressed!

OK, I hope you have a terrific weekend! We’ll be back next week with some fun and inspiring posts for you, so stay tuned!




  1. Maryam

    Hello liesl. I was thinking about you today. I hope you are doing well.

  2. Vivian

    I didn’t realise that you live in Spain. So do I; I live in Zaragoza. I find your posts very interesting.

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