introducing the liesl + co. montauk trousers sewing pattern

I’ve got a surprise for you today. It’s a new pattern!

I’m pleased to introduce you to the first of our three new patterns for spring. This one seems especially appropriate for many of us right now. Introducing the Montauk Trousers.

The idea for this pattern is simple: pull-on trousers with an elastic waist and (optional) drawstring. Oh, and lots of pockets. The trousers are cut so that they are comfortable, but they are also fitted enough that they can go to work if sewn in the appropriate fabric. Call them your secret pajamas if you want. And goodness knows most of us can use something that looks a little nicer than our pajamas or sweatpants while we’re stuck at home these days!

Here are the details. The pattern comes with two views. Both include angled front pockets, an elastic and drawstring waistband that I mentioned, and a small vent at the hem. Make them as cropped or as long as you like with the lengthen/shorten line on the pattern. At the back, you can include the classic patch pockets (View A) or the fancier welt pockets (View B), which elevate the style a little bit in my opinion.

So I do have to admit that I’m a little disappointed with one thing. I sewed all these samples for our models, and we were scheduled for a photo shoot. But then Madrid locked down because of the coronavirus, and we weren’t able to get our models in to do photos. But who says you can’t make the most of a difficult situation? (Heaven knows, this is a super minor problem in the big scheme of things right now!) We’re fortunate that our models are close enough in size that the clothing fit my dress form for the photos, and I was able to put them on and model them for you as well. They weren’t made for me, but I think they’re close enough to give you an idea for how they should fit.

Want to see the trousers in action? Here’s a little video introduction we made for this pattern.

(Ack, I just realized that I said waistband instead of ankle regarding the elastic in the third trouser. Sorry about that.)

I really love this pattern in chambray. This is a linen chambray that I’m pretty sure came from the folks at Robert Kaufman. Very lightweight and breezy, and they’ll go with virtually everything in your summer wardrobe, I’m fairly certain.

Montauk Trousers

I’ve cut these trousers to be more of what I think of as a European fit–by which I mean that the back rise is angled much like our Hollywood Trousers to give you a good fit. (We’ll also do a fit workshop on these to help you make any necessary adjustments to personalize the fit.)

Montauk Trousers

Can you see the back patch pockets on this pair? I think printed trousers like these will be great for the summer, especially for the beach. I made these with a rayon/linen blend that’s really drapey and a slightly open weave so they’ll be cool on really hot summer days.

And just for fun, I added elastic to the ankle on this linen pair, sort of like dressy sweatpants.

Here’s a close-up of the waistband and pockets so you can see them better.

Here is a little peek at that vent at the ankle hem.

And those welt pockets on the back.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some fabric and styling ideas to give you (I hope!) some more inspiration for what you can do with this new pattern.

Due to the situation with the coronavirus, we aren’t able to print paper patterns right now. We would like to print them, and we may at some point in the future as soon as it’s feasible. But for now that means that this pattern, and the two others we’ll release over the next couple weeks, will be available only in digital format for the time being. I know many of you prefer paper patterns, and we hope that eventually we’ll be able to print these, but for the foreseeable future they are available only in digital format. I can’t promise paper anytime in the near future, sadly. So if you’ve traditionally used paper patterns but are interested in this style, this might be a good time to give a PDF pattern a try!

You can order your own Montauk Trousers sewing pattern from our website in digital format. I can’t wait to see what you make from this new pattern. Be sure to show us by uploading your photos to the Liesl + Co. Flickr group and tagging them #montauktrousers and #lieslandco on Instagram.

On the following two Mondays, I’ll introduce you to our other two new patterns for this season. And I’m particularly excited to tell you that both of the other new patterns will be available in our extended 16-30 size range!




  1. Linda

    I love these. Just what I’ve been looking for. Would they work in flannel? Also, would you mind letting us know which size are you modeling please.

    1. Certainly they would work in flannel! I’ll be talking more about fabrics tomorrow in a separate post. And for what it’s worth, I’m wearing size 4 in the video. (I’m 5’8″)

      1. Jeanne Rose

        I am wondering if I can go by my body measurements when choosing a pattern size. I recently made a top from another company choosing the size based on my body measurements only to find out later that the bust had 12 inches of ease – 12 inches! The finished measurements were not printed on the pattern – very disappointing! I am just getting back into sewing again and am now a little gun-shy. Jeanne

  2. JEB O'Barr

    So cute and I loved your video!

  3. Amanda C.

    These are great! I get so hot in jeans here in Texas during the summer and have been eyeing this style for awhile. Loved the video! I’ve downloaded the pattern and am reading through it while I prep my fabric!

  4. The video is great. So helpful! I love this pattern.

  5. Carrieopsis

    I am so happy that you posted the pattern! I work in a public garden in Texas; we are closed to the public right now, of course, but the gardens still need constant care. These are exactly the pants I would like to make in linen to work outside during our scorching summer months. When the garden is able to welcome volunteers again, I will be able to reduce my hours and make these! Stay safe and well.

  6. Lisa

    I loved the video, and your tidy house is an inspiration! Printing the pants right now- need something to sew and these are perfect. Sending happy vibes to all of you in Spain from your lockdown friends in Seattle. Hang in there!

  7. teresa

    can it be printed on 8.5 by 11 paper ?

    1. Hi Teresa! Yes, all Liesl + Co. PDF patterns can be printed at home on 8.5 x 11 paper.

  8. Gayatri

    These look great! Just what I need for Singapore, and not just in these times of being stuck at home! Can’t wait to try making a pair – I’m inspired to make a floral pair too!

  9. Connie

    Perfect! I have been needing just such a pattern. Look forward to the fit workshop too.

  10. Sharon

    The pattern is exactly what I wanted: not overly large and balloon shape. They look trim and stylish. The commentary on the fabrics that you used are really helpful. I hope that you continue to suggest fabrics.

    I have used many of your children’s patterns with great success. I am looking forward to using one of your adult patterns. Keep them coming.

  11. Camilla Hunter

    I would love to have this pattern as it looks like it drapes wonderfully. Unfortunately I can’t download from the phone and I’m not on the Internet at present. If you ever put it in paper form pleas let me know.

  12. Mc

    How high is the rise on these trousers?

    1. You can see the rise measurements for all sizes in the finished measurement chart which is found here

  13. LeAnn Runge

    Does the pattern come with an AO copy shop print out? Thanks! These are the perfect pant for me!

    1. Yes, it does.

  14. Joanne Simpson

    Would I want/need to widen the leg a little if I wanted to make these shorts?

    1. We’ll have a tutorial for making them into shorts very soon!

  15. elizabeth

    I had a couple questions about the pattern–it says the rise is more European and I’m not sure what that means. Does have it more room for, well, booty or is it higher waisted or…? I have a pretty narrow waist for my hips and I’m always looking to get a better fit from my patterns, so I’m also curious about the fit workshop. Is that part of the pattern already or will it be a blog post soon? The pants look great–perfect for summer, so I’m excited to try them. Thanks so much! (Wore my Gelato dress a bunch last winter, btw. Lots of compliments.)

    1. Hi Elizabeth, the “European” rise is just how I described it: the back rise is angled more to give you a good fit. It doesn’t make the rise longer, just a different angle. And we do a lot of different blog posts to help with fit, customizing, etc. Just watch the blog, or sign up to receive our blog posts via email.

  16. Sarah Cathey

    These look great! Would it make them look at little more polished as slacks to make the angled pocket internal rather than a patch pocket style? (Honestly, in the dark blue, they blend right in, so it might not be worth the adjustment.) These would be really pretty in a large scale plaid!

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