liesl’s chaval coat: tweed edition

Hello friends!

I know you always like to see lots of version of our patterns sewn up in different fabrics and worn by different people. Over the next few weeks we’ll be doing just that–showing you lots of versions of the Chaval Coat so you get a better sense for which fabrics to choose and how it works on different bodies.

Liesl's wool tweed Chaval Coat

I thought I would kick things off with my recent finish. I chose this fabric specifically for our upcoming sew-along, which I’ll tell you about soon. This wool tweed came from a trip to London a couple of years ago when I purchased it from Holland and Sherry of Savile Row. This is the Grouse Moor pattern, and I’m sure it was originally designed for posh trips to the British countryside: shooting holidays or something. Instead, I’ll be wearing it around Madrid and most certainly not to injure any fowl of any sort! This fabric is true proof of good quality. The hand, despite being wool tweed, is so fluid and vibrant. The finish on the fabric has a gentle sheen that declares, in a very quiet (a.k.a. British) way, that it is of high quality. I adore it.

Liesl's wool tweed Chaval Coat

I decided to cut the piping/welts on bias. I think it’s a fun detail.

Liesl's wool tweed Chaval Coat

I won’t lie to you; pattern matching this fabric took a lot of time. In fact, sewing it took much less time than the cutting! But I had so much fun with the sewing. I enjoyed the extra little details: making a contrast banana stand, matching the underside of the pocket flaps to the banana stand, picking out the buttons, etc. I lined it in a soft golden yellow, which makes me so happy on gloomy days. (The banana stand fabric is left-over wool from the coat on our pattern cover. Save your scraps!)

Liesl's wool tweed Chaval Coat

Liesl's wool tweed Chaval Coat

My inspiration was these photos on my Pinterest board. I had been wanting a checked coat for quite a while, and I wanted my coat to be timeless so that I can wear it for many years. I’m absolutely certain I will. Since Spain doesn’t get all that cold in the winter I didn’t bother to insulate it, but if we were still living in New York I certainly would have cut flannel or lightweight Thinsulate and basted it to my lining pieces. I can always add it later if I move someplace where I need it. Or just wear a down vest under it.

Liesl's wool tweed Chaval Coat

This coat already gets worn a lot! It’s a great topper for both dressy and casual. I love it with my new brown booties (not shown in these photos), and it just so happens that my 25+ year old silk scarf is a really good match, as is a beat-up old green tote bag I like to use for my laptop (also not shown–I guess I need to take more photos for IG!). However, now that S is starting to wear some of my clothes, I fear the coat won’t stay in my closet for long. In fact, I’m beginning to suspect that a large portion of my closet is going to go off to school with her in a few years. I’d better enjoy it while I can.

You can pick up your own copy of our new Chaval Coat sewing pattern in paper or as a digital pattern. You can also read more about this pattern in my introductory post as well as my post with lots of photos to inspire you. We’ll have more versions of this pattern to show you in the days to come, so stay tuned and start gathering your materials! When shall we do the sew-along? January? After all, I hate to break it to you but we’ve still got many months of winter ahead of us….




  1. Elisabeth

    I love all the details! I never would have thought to bias cut the pocket piping and I love the banana stand and the buttons.

  2. This is incredible. You look fantastic in it, Liesl!

  3. Yes! I can totally see this fabric worn to shoot grouse. It looks lovely. I love the contrast banana stand.

  4. Erica

    Can’t blame S. I would “borrow” this from my mother’s closet if I could! Love it.

  5. Erin

    Gorgeous coat! –I’d love to see your soft yellow lining!

  6. Susan Wolnik

    This coat is beautiful and I agree the fabric is lovely. Such a good combination. I am thinking seriously about doing a winter coat with some lovely blue grey wool coating but I am worried that the coating is too thick for the bound pockets. I love this style.

    1. The burgundy fabric for the cover image was quite thick but not impossible to manage. I think you can do it!

    2. Elisabeth

      Susan, I was a tester for the coat and I used a pretty thick coating and it worked! You can see my coat up on the blog today 🙂

      1. Susan

        I saw your coat and it is lovely. So I am going to get the pattern and dive into coat making after the Christmas rush is over. I love the style of this pattern. So classic.

  7. Jenny

    Liesl, this is glorious. Such perfect execution!

  8. This is fantastic; it has a very Sherlock vibe to me. I want one!!!!

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