liesl’s chaval coat: extra-long navy edition

Hello again, friends!

I’m back with another Chaval Coat to show you. This is the first one I sewed when I was writing the instructions and deciding on the best methods for sewing it. I cut this one extra long because I’ve always wanted a really long navy wool coat. And no, I’m not kidding. I really do think about things like this. And since I don’t get a lot of time to sew for myself I take advantage when I can chalk it up to work time!

I purchased this wool flannel on sale at Julian Lopez here in Madrid a couple of years ago. Pretty sure it’s a blend, but it has a nice hand so I’m not thinking about it. The only change I made to the pattern itself is to add length: somewhere around 6″, I think. I added the extra length at the lengthen/shorten line that’s provided on the pattern. That way the walking vent in the back didn’t get longer, it just started lower.

This is a really drapey wool, so the coat is very relaxed and drapey as well. I considered stabilizing it and adding a little structure, but I wanted it to be a bit slouchy and almost like a cozy sweater. And it is! It’s also a great everyday coat as a result. It’s very lightweight and comfortable. I’ve considered wearing it inside on really cold days, but I know I’d get tons of cat hair on it, so no.

The lapels are narrow, and since the fabric is so drapey, I did decide to topstitch the edges to give it a little more structure. I like the definition that topstitching adds. I didn’t topstitch the lapels on the pattern cover, but it’s an easy detail to add if you decide you want it at the last minute.

The buttons are from New York. I’m still trying to decide whether I want to replace them with something a little closer to the color, but I’ve got a thing for real mother-of-pearl and I love the weight.

It’s just me with my messy hair, just standing around on the sidewalk posing for photos while everyone else is deciding what to eat for lunch. See the brown boots I mentioned the other day? S is definitely going to steal them from me when her feet grow a little more.

You can pick up your own copy of our new Chaval Coat sewing pattern in paper or as a digital pattern. You can also read more about this pattern in my introductory post as well as my post with lots of photos to inspire you. And stay tuned for our upcoming sew-along for this pattern!




  1. Susan

    Liesl, this coat is beautiful in the navy and in the longer length. I am hooked and plan to sew this pattern in a blue grey wool that’s in my stash after Christmas. I’ve ordered the pattern and will start assembling the supplies after the pattern arrives. I’m hoping that the Sew Along will include details on interfacing etc. I am thinking of a contrast collar stand too. Such fun to add a detail like that. Your new patterns are all winners! Thank you

  2. Susan Terrill

    I also love the long NAVY coat. Beautiful. I just received my latest issue of Vogue. On page 93 is a gorgeous coat by Prada which , except for some details and the amazing fabric, is quite similar. The lapels are wider. Have no idea where the fabric is from.
    Thank you. .

  3. Joanne

    Slightly late to the party. But coat looks awesome. If you decide you would like self fabric covered buttons- that would also look amazing !

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