rush hour blouse with piping

Lisa (a member of the Advisors Circle) is back with us today. You’ll remember her Romantic Neighborhood Sweatshirt Tutorial, Weekend Getaway Blouse with Hemstitching, Chai Tee Dress and Tunic, Heirloom Afternoon Tea Blouse Tutorial, Neighborhood Sweatshirt with Shirt Tail Hem and Striped Breezy Blouse. She’s got something new that is hot off of the sewing machine. Thanks Lisa!

Liesl + Co. Rush Hour Blouse

When I first saw the Rush Hour Blouse + Dress I knew I would be making one for my daughter. She loves a peplum top, and I have made several for her already, but the Rush Hour blouse is unique with its fun asymmetrical peplum. As I started sewing the blouse I was pleased with its unique construction and thoroughness of detail. The blouse is fully lined, and the princess seams combined with a Dior dart, give it a wonderful fit.

Of course, I had to pipe it! I am a fan of mini- piping to give a subtle, but special finish to an edge, and the Rush Hour blouse is the perfect make for this treatment. You can read how to make mini piping in this tutorial. I didn’t make any changes to the pattern, but I did alter the order of construction and sewed the shoulder seams first, before sewing the side seams. I did this so I could pipe the neckline continuously, and place the armhole join at the underarm where it is less conspicuous in case the join wasn’t perfect.

Liesl + Co. Rush Hour Blouse

I piped both the peplum pieces from the bottom center back edge, across the bottom, and up the front side.

Liesl + Co. Rush Hour Blouse

There is no piping on the center back edge which would interfere with the zipper. Clip the piping at the corner of the front to get a nice turn.

Liesl + Co. Rush Hour Blouse

Piping all the edges may seem like quite a bit of work, but it eliminates the need to trim the lining, as the piping provides a nice barrier between the fashion fabric and the lining. I also found it unnecessary to understitch the peplum pieces because of the piping. I still understitched the neckline, even though I piped it, just for added security (I hate when the lining shows right at the center front neckline!). I finished the Rush Hour blouse just in time to give it to my daughter as she heads off on a vacation in Italy. It will make a wonderful and sophisticated addition to her travel, and later work, wardrobe!


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  1. Erica

    I love this! I hope your daughter does, too!

  2. Susan Terrill

    It is sooo sophisticated and subtle. You are fantastic. I love the fabric.

  3. Erica, thank you she definitely did! Susan, you are too kind. The fabric is a polyester from Mood. I don’t normally work with polyester but this one was very easy to work with and I am going to try working with it more often. It wasn’t slippery, had a wonderful drape, and was a little thicker and not sheer. And of course, no real need to iron!

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