celebrating 10 years with a giveaway from robert kaufman

Today we’re continuing our anniversary week celebration with a special gift for one reader from our friends at Robert Kaufman Fabrics! Read all the way to the bottom of this post to find out how you can enter.

Robert Kaufman Giveaway

The folks at Robert Kaufman are so lovely to work with. We’ve always had a natural affinity since they produce so many wonderful apparel fabrics that work really well with our sewing pattern. I often turn to them when I need something specific like chambray or denim. But they produce so many different fabrics–including many fabrics for the apparel industry–that they often surprise me with things I wasn’t expecting to find. I spend a lot of time with their salespeople at Quilt Market, and when I’m not at Market I browse their website to see what’s new. (Like those amazing Sevenberry fabrics I told you about a few weeks ago.) It was natural that I turned to them when I wanted to design my Woodland Clearing fabric collection. (And maybe one of these days I’ll get around to designing another one; I certainly have plenty of ideas!)

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, Kaufman is offering one lucky winner two 3-yard cuts (or any mix of two fabrics up to six yards) of Essex Linen or their really beautiful London Calling lawn prints.

I turned to Kaufman when I needed Essex linen/cotton for one of our upcoming spring Liesl + Co. patterns. (I’ll introduce you to the new patterns next week!) It’s such a lovely fabric that’s comfortable and softens with wear, and it comes in an amazing range of colors. I also love the Essex cross-dye and the newer metallics. I used the metallic Essex for this Lisette for Butterick B6464 top and this customized Liesl + Co. Bistro Dress. It has just a subtle amount of shine that’s really pretty for summer, especially.

London Calling is a lawn with vibrant prints, perfect for one of our upcoming Oliver + S patterns. This collection features lots of pretty new prints. (Those horses and cherries!)

Today’s drawing is open to residents of the continental United States only. (Sorry to those of you who live outside the US.) To enter to win two three-yard cuts of the fabric of your choice from either of these collections, leave a comment telling us whether you’re more of a prints or solids person. One entry per person, please. We will close comments on this post and choose the winner (with the assistance of random.org) on Friday, March 23 at 9:00 AM ET. The winner will be notified by email.

IMPORTANT: do not check the box to subscribe to comments on this post unless you reside outside the United States. (Remember, for today’s drawing, if you live outside the US you shouldn’t be leaving a comment on this post in the first place.)




  1. Sara

    Prints! Though the Essex looks lovely too for some comfy basics!

    1. Deborah O’DOnnell

      Solids. Easy to mix and match, and to accessorize.

  2. Autum

    Solids with a little bit of a twist!

  3. Jennifer

    I usually like solids with a bit of texture–but those lawn prints are so scrumptious!

  4. Michelle Garrity

    Those horses for sure!! 🙂

  5. Emily

    The butterflies and florals are perfection

  6. Caitie

    Love the linen!

  7. Andrea

    Prints here. I sew mostly for my kids who are still pretty young. Prints are more fun for these types of projects. 🙂

  8. I’m always drawn to prints, but when it comes to sewing, I find I’m usually happier with the finished garment if it’s made in a solid. Takes discipline to move away from the prints though!

  9. Chelle Chapman

    I am MOST definitely a ‘prints’ person! I never order the same dish at the restaurant & not a big fan of “Just Vanilla”!! I want ALL the “Flavors” I can get!!!

  10. Ani

    I am definitely more of a prints person! Solids when needed, but I love really cute prints.

  11. Nancy Owens

    London Calling lawn!!! Beautiful!!! I’m a prints girl!!!❤️

  12. Bridget

    Prints almost all the time!

  13. Nathalie A Culotta

    I really love to mix solids with prints. If I have to choose, I guess it would be solids.

  14. Teresa

    Solids, especially if they have a great texture or sheen!

  15. Leah

    I love a great print, but need the solids. All of these are beautiful.

  16. Rachel

    I’m typically a solids person for myself, but those horses!

  17. Stacy

    I love prints, thanks!

  18. Rebecca

    Oh wow, I would say I mostly gravitate towards solids. But, I am trying to expand my horizons by incorporating more prints, especially when they’re as lovely as the ones you’ve shown.

  19. Taryn B

    With four daughters, I love prints!

  20. I have come to realize that while my eye is drawn to prints when they are on the bolt, I really prefer to wear solids. I Adore the Robert Kaufman Essex linens and find them to be lovely to sew with, and the wear!

  21. Marian

    I’m a prints person most definitely though I’ll admit I love solids too.

  22. Kate SJ

    I’m a prints person. Thank you!

  23. Rosemary Shannon

    Ooohhh, love the prints!!!

  24. Melissa Halliday

    Prints for sure!

  25. I love the prints, but I think that I would probably go with the linen instead. So pretty!

  26. Ruth S

    The Essez Linen is 100% my jam!

  27. Julie

    I’m a prints girl, but I am starting to work with more solids as the kids I sew for get older!

  28. Anna

    Prints. I love the London Calling collection.

  29. Eva

    Prints but I do like to add a solid to balance things out.

  30. Generally, I’m a solids person, but when I find a print I like, I get REALLY excited.

  31. Reeni

    Small-scale prints, or solids with a texture (linen, waffle pique, velvet) for myself to wear or sew, but i end up sewing mostly solids for my kids. Dd is picky about prints but she loves those!

  32. Charlotte Lunsford

    I’m on the fence with this! I love them both! But I’ll say solids.

  33. Anna Gerard

    Mostly solids…though florals tempt me.

  34. Jamie

    I’d say I’m more of a solids person but some of these prints could make me change my mind!

  35. I like solids, but prints are more fun to sew!

  36. Rebecca Ark

    What happy fabric!!! I prefer prints but I usually pair with a solid if I do two or more fabrics. These are great.

  37. Cheryl Woodall

    I love Liberty of London!! I love the small flower prints. Since spring is trying so hard to get here this year!!!

  38. Janice

    I’ve always loved their London Calling collections so I’d go with that.

  39. Alyssa

    I am drawn to prints because they are so fun, but am starting to do more sewing with solids because they have more staying power in my wardrobe.

  40. Kris

    I’m usually more of a prints person but I’d love to use the solids to make something for myself!

  41. Marika

    The London calling prints are so great!

  42. Nikki Ordway

    Prints for my daughter but would
    Love to try some solids for myself

  43. Jenny

    The lawns are gorgeous!

  44. Rebecca

    I’m about 50/50. Solids are great for making everything coordinate, but I love a good print!


    I make about half solid and half print outfits when I sew. My favorite fabric is linen because living in the deep south it’s perfect for the hot weather.

  46. Beth

    Solids for me, prints for the kids

  47. Martha

    I prefer solids! Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. Marlena

    A subtle print for me

  49. Trish Clifford

    Prints most definitely for the kiddos!

  50. I tend to sew more with prints, although most of the RTW clothes I wear most often are solids.

  51. Belinda

    I usually wear mostly solids, but the prints in the lawn fabric would really help me with my goal of wearing more prints. They’re gorgeous! Bring on the summer weather!

  52. jaelh

    prints or soilds depends on the day! I’ve got 1/2 a wardrobe out of essex linen, though 🙂 love it!

  53. Betsey Wolfson

    Happy Anniversary! Depend on the project…

  54. Valerie Bonilla

    I’m more of a prints person, especially with those beautiful prints from the London Calling line!

  55. Cate

    Prints for the babies and solid for me!

  56. I really like both but I’m looking forward to trying Essex metallic linen. Thanks!

  57. Emily Sposetta

    When I first started sewing I was team print, and I still tend to go in that direction. But now I’ve started appreciating how versatile solids are!

  58. Marie Neff

    Love the prints for making up springtime blouses!

  59. celine lowry

    Definitely solids.

  60. Prints for the kids and solids for me!

  61. Bethany

    Prints all the way! These florals are lovely!!

  62. I find I buy prints and wear solids!

  63. I wear mostly solids but I’m a quilter who is learning garment sewing and as a quilter, I’m all about prints!

  64. I have to say I use both prints and solids about equally. I sew both garments and quilts.

  65. M.A.G

    Prints generally, but I could use some linen.

  66. Staci Poppleton

    Prints! Especially when seeing for my daughter!

  67. Emily

    I just heard about the cotton linen blend in the love to see podcast…I need more solids, but I love prints!

  68. Meghan Clinard

    Prints. Tiny floral is my weakness for little girls’ clothes.

  69. Laura

    Solids for me, prints for the girls. Love Robert Kaufman, and I’ve been stalking their site for the London Calling release.

  70. Anne

    Solids! Go with everything

  71. Celeste McCloskey

    Definitely prints for the grandchildren!

  72. Betty Avila

    I like prints more but when it comes to clothes, I do like the solids a bit more. 🙂

  73. Rebecca

    I’m definitely more of a solids person, but trying to branch out!

  74. Love all RK fabrics, and the Essex cotton/linen colors are beautiful. I’m seeing summer dresses and left over quilt scraps.

  75. Polly M

    Definitely prints! I have been wanting to try London Calling for so long

  76. Jill

    I am more of a solids person, though prints are great for the little ones!

  77. Kelley Vito

    Solid fabric all the way!

  78. Diya

    I love prints.. but to make garments i prefer solids especially for myself

  79. Tara Bosch

    I love both! But today, I’m going to say solids today:)

  80. Laura McKiness

    Prints for my daughter and mostly solids for myself!

  81. Lyndsey Stanfill

    Solids for life!

  82. Sara Kaetzer

    Normally I’m on #teamprints, but the cross-dyed linen is looking really good, so #teamsolid today.

  83. Corinnea

    Except for basics, prints! Both of these substrates are favorites for mine!

  84. Emily D.

    Usually solids for me, prints for the kids. Those cherries!

  85. Prints, definitely prints! Florals and fun modern prints are hard to resist.

  86. Carla Becker

    Love the prints, but the solids are more practical – and a good quality solid is a joy.

  87. Cheryl

    I am more of a solid person when making garments

  88. Joy Gadrinab

    Solids all the way!

  89. emily

    Equal parts solids and prints!

    And I am so happy that we are getting new Oliver + S patterns next week!

  90. Deon

    Generally I look at prints, but I find the solids way more useful, so would love a chance to win that.

  91. L

    Mostly solids. I’ll only do so much pattern matching in my wardrobe. My four year old will do ALL the pattern matching, so constraining her choices some with a generous dose of solids in her wardrobe helps avoid clothing selection debates.

  92. This is hard! I love prints, especially the cherries and butterflies but those solids also look heavenly. I think I’d have to go with solids this time.

  93. Stacey

    I’m equally drawn to prints and solids. Both options are lovely!

  94. Susan Snyder

    More solids. I love the metallic linens!

  95. Mary

    I love solids that have that extra little something…like the metallic feature of the Essex .

  96. I usually like simple prints, although I’ve been pushing myself to add more and more pattern in recent months!

  97. Sarah D

    I like to wear a lot of solids but I love sewing with prints!

  98. Jennie

    Prints for sure!

  99. Beth Keesler

    Prints for me, but I’m forever looking for coordinating solids!

  100. Lori

    Have yet to use Essex Linens although they have been on my bucket list of fabrics.
    Could this be my chance?!

  101. Susan Okurowski

    Solids! Thank you for the chance

  102. Sally

    I’m looking forward to using the Essex linen/cotton blends. I like solids accented with prints.

  103. Jenny

    I love these solids, but generally… more of prints person!

  104. Enbee

    Solids, but I aspire to be a prints person!

  105. Emily

    I love the solids!

  106. Mary Lynne

    Prints…Unless I need a good solid

  107. Barbara Kugler

    I love prints, they inspire me.

  108. Sarah Green

    I love solids more nowadays, and I want to try out the metallic linen- I Love their linens!

  109. Elizabeth

    Solids! However, girls dresses are adorable in prints.

  110. Marissa

    Prints prints prints!

  111. Maureen Collins

    Gat get enough prints!

  112. Emily

    Prints! They make sewing so much fun.

  113. Kim

    I love the solids!

  114. Kae

    Solids! They are more flexible.

  115. I’m drawn to prints but I’m trying to sew more solids…

  116. Lisa

    prints, too much so 🙂

  117. Jess

    Definitely prints for summer!

  118. Solidly a solids girl!

  119. Catherine Smith

    I have just discovered both fabric lines so either would be amazing.

  120. Holly Dumont

    I’m always more of a solids person. I have 2 print blouses in my entire wardrobe. But that London calling lawn prints are sure tempting.

    Summer is coming and I’ve got to get onto Soho Shorts and I love the Kasuri Prints! But still, it’s a solid for me.

  121. Libby

    I love the Essex. It seems so versatile and fun to coordinate.

  122. Ragon

    No questions–London Calling Lawn! I’ve used several of those from previous year collections to make some really beautiful dresses (including a tiered version of the Popover dress my daughter loved so much she wore it multiple times a week!). I can imagine all the summer sewing I’d do with it!

  123. Que N

    I prefer Prints for my daughter; solids for myself!

  124. Lynn Buckman

    Love the solids — especially those metallics!

  125. Lynn Shepard

    Prints, and I love to mix them with other prints and solids!

  126. I would love to be a prints person because they are so cheerful, but I only end up wearing solids. The sheen on the metallics is a nice touch of sparkle.

  127. Addie

    I am drawn to prints first but I do have a lot of solids in my sewing queue this year. I would love to try sewing with the Essex. Thanks for the giveaway.

  128. Michele

    I’m definitely a prints person, although their solids are lovely, too!

  129. Lesley

    I really love that solid linen!

  130. Amanda Gaskin

    I prefer prints in fabrics but wear mostly solids.

  131. Jennifer

    Solids for me! (But prints for my little girls!)

  132. Sarah

    I love solids, but prints are easier to sell to my girls.

  133. Elaine

    Prints for the kids and solids for me 🙂

  134. Catherine

    Thank you for the giveaway! Solids, definitely, with a hit of print.

  135. courtney corvette

    Solids for the win!

  136. Kelly Paulson

    Solids all the way! I do have a lot of prints though. Hmm. . .

  137. Marie Hawley

    Most of my sewing is for my kids. I love using prints for them! I tend to wear more solids, though. I love those floral prints!

  138. Katie

    I love prints but I typically will pair a print with a solid for most of my sewing projects. So a garment I make will typically have a main print with an accent solid.

  139. Kathie

    I love those prints!

  140. Florencia

    Prints for me! Thank you for the oportunity!

  141. Diane

    I lean towards solids because it is easier to fit them into my wardrobe, but I am so tempted by prints!

  142. Sherry Cragen

    Prints, paired with prints!!

  143. Melissa moyers

    Prints! Prints! Prints! Love those Liberty looking florals!

  144. Karla

    Solids all the way. My stash is mostly prints, which just tells me that I like to look at prints but not necessarily sew with them!

  145. Katheryn Caro

    I’m more for solids, although I can’t resist sweet floral prints for little girl dresses!

  146. Personally, I tend to wear more solids, but those prints are fabulous!!

  147. Nancy Monnig

    Solids – need to build up the capsule wardrobe and need more basics.

  148. Adrianne

    I like both, but horse prints are the best! It can be difficult to find elegant horse prints. Thank you, I really enjoy reading your blog!

  149. Erin

    Prints! They would make lovely summer dresses!

  150. Stephanie V.

    I always seem to gravitate to prints! Wish I had more solids in my wardrobe to go with them though! I’ve been meaning to try Essex but haven’t had the opportunity yet! Would be a dream to add some basics to my wardrobe! Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  151. Donna Medlin

    I love prints, especially the scrumptious London Calling Lawn prints!

  152. Heather

    Probably more of a prints person. I love since if those florals!

  153. Sheena Shah

    I’m more into prints. You don’t have to add many accessories.

  154. I am probably more of a solid fabric person; however, I think I wear both about evenly with my hand made items.

  155. Amber

    Solids, totally

  156. Leah

    Print! Love the butterflies!

  157. Kat

    Definitely prints! It’s more exciting, if harder to coordinate. 🙂

  158. Kbo

    Prints definitely.

  159. Liz

    Solids! Small prints are pretty, but just not my thing when dressmaking.

  160. Erika

    I love prints, especially florals, so I am in love with the London’s Calling collection!

  161. Katy

    I love prints for my 5 year-old daughter’s wardrobe.

  162. Emily Vandiver

    Hmm, for myself, solids definitely. When sewing for my girls I like a balance of solids and prints. Some of those florals are lovely!

  163. Caitlin weaver

    I looove a good solid!

  164. Adelaide Blair

    I want to be a solid person, but I always buy prints.

  165. Amy

    I always gravitate towards solids for my own wardrobe but prints for sewing for my kids. I love RK fabrics.

  166. Michele

    Love prints! I always use prints for kid’s clothes, but I gravitate toward solids for myself.

  167. Kris

    Prints!!!!!! 🙂

  168. Beth

    I wear both, but I definitely tend towards wearing solids.

  169. London Calling – so gorgeous!

  170. Joanna Szarkowski

    More solids, but those are lovely prints.

  171. Marcy

    I love essex linen, but in this case, prints all the way!!! Love those London Calling florals.

  172. Kristen

    Definitely solids

  173. Karen

    Solids! I like prints for linings and pocket bags, though.

  174. Therese Gibson

    Would love to make a kimono in the Essex linen. I am a solid and print person!

  175. Emily Heinrich

    Prints! And I love the London Calling line – so soft and sweet – I’ve used several when sewing for my daughter. The Essex is lovely, too, and I’ve used it just as much in my sewing.

  176. Courtney

    Prints for my daughter, solids for me, although my wardrobe could probably use a bit more interest!

  177. Janine

    Prints – excited for spring time sewing!

  178. Karen Captain

    I sew a lot for my granddaughter and I am drawn to floral prints. I have both London Calling and Sevenberry in my stash and love the feel of the fabric.

  179. Paige

    Solids for me. I love prints, but when I think about what i actually wear, it’s almost always solids. I would love to sew with the Essex linen.

  180. Susan B

    Prints for me. Perfect for little girl dresses.

  181. Tonia Jeffery

    I tend to do prints more, but accent with solids.

  182. Ashley

    I tend to gravitate to solids- love seeing the new shades each season- but am trying to introduce prints in small doses 🙂

  183. Nique

    I love prints !
    Thank you for the opportunity

  184. Janet

    Linen cotton is perfect for our hot summers!


    I love the Kaufman solids.

  186. Emily S

    I like the versatility of solids, but those prints are fantastic!

  187. Sarah

    So hard to choose but I am going with prints.

  188. Annette Fly

    Such a hard choice! I’ve used Essex many times and like it very much. Always wanted to try London Calling for the children’s clothes I’m fond of—I say a print!

  189. Nan Mosher

    Prints are my weakness, but I need some solids!

  190. Those Cherries are so cute

  191. Samantha

    I buy lots of solid clothing, but I tend to sew with prints.

  192. Asheley

    I’d pick a print for my daughter.

  193. Elisabeth

    I love prints, especially sewing for my daughter.

  194. I love the prints, but that linen is lovely.

  195. Ashleigh Brumet

    Prints, we love prints!

  196. Jenn

    prints all the way!

  197. Kelley

    I’m more of a solids person.

  198. Elizabeth DiBagno

    I”m always drawn to prints, but I think I need some more solids to balance out my daughters’ wardrobes!

  199. Dana Tougas

    I’m a huge fan of solids, especially linen!

  200. Mary Jo Muncy

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  201. Kara

    I usually sew with solids, but I often reach for the items in my closet that are sewing in prints. I think I need more prints!

  202. Erin Dolinger

    Another home seamstress who likes prints. There are so many creative fabric designers who use fabric in such inventive ways, it makes it fun to use them.

  203. Joyce Kelly

    Solids I think 🙂 But prints also 🙂 Thanks and Happy Anniversary

  204. grace

    I think it depends… I do love solids but like large scale patterns too. For kids and quilts, I prefer small print. Congrats, O+S for the ten years!

  205. ElaineM O'Brien

    I tend to gravitate to prints. I love sewing with Robert Kaufman, I’m always assured I’m sewing with quality fabric! Didn’t meant to sound like a commercial!

  206. arlinajsk

    Essex Linen! Have recently used it for Sketchbook shorts with a bit of florals showing in the pocket so the lawn would be handy as well!

  207. Holly Sharp

    I am definitely more of a prints gal. Although I recognize that I should force myself to sew with solids more often!

  208. I’m all about prints, and those butterflies are awesome! My kids think solids are “boring” because there’s no pictures.

  209. Eleni O'Neill

    I love prints! And those cherries are darling.

  210. MJ

    prints! I do love the essex linen though.

  211. Eilene H

    I really like to mix and mingle my fabrics. If I had to choose, I would probably say the solid fabric really looks luscious! Would make a very elegant/simple dress.
    I loved seeing all of the gorgeous fabrics this week. Just wish I had more time to sew for myself.

  212. Jennifer P

    Generally more of a solids person, but I love those prints!

  213. Joanie

    I love prints and those horses are perfect for my granddaughter. She loves horses! The solids are great too.

  214. Melani

    I love sewing the Essex linens. I’m a solids person, but my kids love prints. And we’re all 3 fans of RK!

  215. Amy

    Always been a print girl. But a print accent on a solid, or solid on a print – now you’re sewing.

  216. Lindsay

    Wish I could bring myself to buy more solids, but I usually come home with prints! (Especially for the kids)

  217. Nicole

    I love solids! Essex linen is wonderful to sew with.

  218. Kristin

    Prints for sure. Although I do love the Essex metallic. I have a cut I’ve been hoarding for just the right project.

  219. Angela

    I love prints, especially when sewing dresses for my daughter!

  220. Anna Tolle

    Prints!! London Calling is wonderful!

  221. Donel

    I love sewing with prints, but when it comes to what I actually wear, then I go more for solids. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  222. Courtney vore

    Prints but I may decide solids after those beautiful colors!

  223. Jayme Barone

    Solids, but I LOVE London calling!

  224. I love A good print, but could use basics in that neat Essex cotton/linen for Spring.

  225. Sharon

    I love the prints, but wear the solids.

  226. Annette Poole

    I’m a prints fanatic- London calling is my thing!

  227. Rebecca McKenna

    London Calling – perfect for grandchildren

  228. Carol

    Definitely prints!

  229. Janice Jacobson

    I like prints, especially flowers. Thanks for all the giveaways and congratulations on your first decade!

  230. Noreen Casson

    Always love lawn…and those prints! Simply wonderful. I live in both the US and in Canada – does that matter? I even pay income tax in both countries!

  231. Rachel

    Love the prints!

  232. Nancy J

    I have been more of a solids person most of my life, but while visiting a fabric shop in Rome in October of 2016, I was overtaken with giddiness at the variety of quality prints I saw!! Then when I returned to Ohio, I was disappointed in the quality of prints from my local fabric stores. I’m on the hunt now, for exciting, multicolored natural fiber fabrics!

  233. Tricia

    PRINTS!!! (There are just too many good ones out there. 🙂 )

  234. Jackie Ries

    I visited the Liberty Of London store and fell in love with the fabric and prints. The London Calling prints are my choice. I have the Essex Linen in black for pants or a skirt and love it.

  235. Linda

    I love prints! Especially the London Lawn prints.

  236. Greta

    I’m infatuated with the prints but I also love the solids-the cotton linen blend sounds comfortable and interesting. I’m SO indecisive!

  237. Janice

    The prints would be so beautiful for my little girl granddaughter dresses!

  238. Laura Andersson

    Those prints! The horses!!

  239. Marissa Ragan

    These solids are just beautiful! The peach, olive?, & blues are just gorgeous.

  240. Lynn

    Prints, definitely. Love the cherries prints of London Calling.

  241. Suz

    Prints, please!

  242. Stephanie

    Prints but love to accent with solids.

  243. Cynthia Jenkinson

    I hear you, “London Calling!” Let’s have some fun!

  244. Robyn Newell

    I will choose solids, today.

  245. Carrie

    I’m loving the Kauffman solid linens!

  246. Allison

    I love prince, but I think I need to explore the world of solids more. Love these collections.

  247. Tracy C.

    I’m usually a prints fan, but I am trying to add solids to my fabric collection.

  248. Stephanie

    Usually a prints but I love these solids!

  249. Jean

    Love the prints. Sewing for my little grands who have lots of personality, prints seem most fitting.

  250. teri l williams

    If it’s cotton lawn – then prints!

  251. Erin

    This is difficult. I wear mostly solids, and use mostly solids for home furnishings, but eek, I do freak out over a good floral, and ADORE the London Calling collection. Can I say both?

  252. Mary Coonts

    Thanks for a fun week of special things and giveaways.

  253. Andrea Price

    I love those floral prints!

  254. Karen Brown

    If I must choose( haha) I’ll go with the solids due to their versatile nature. But the prints are so captivating !

  255. Sarah Tackett

    For me solids all the way!

  256. Susan

    Solids. But maybe that’s too boring and I should consider prints more

  257. Pal

    I want to be a prints gal but I am really a solids type

  258. I’d have to say solids but I sew with both.

  259. Karen

    Prints but I seem to sew a lot of solids

  260. Amy

    Solids! Prints! Solids! Prints! (I’m going with solids)

  261. Lori

    Prints 🙂 but the solids are beautiful!

  262. Susan Terrill

    This is such a difficult question, but I will have to say that I am more of a prints person.
    Kaufman has so many beautiful ones that I will have to go with prints.

  263. MaryLou Corrigan

    Love the Liberty-esque prints, but have to say the solids are beautiful and sew up so well. Gotta go with solids…

  264. Jessica

    Ooo, tough call. I think I would prefer the solids so I wouldn’t be so hard on myself to come up with the perfect application for the prints, which are amazing!

  265. KeaWekaKea

    I buy all the prints, but the hand sewn items I wear most are the solids. Silly me.

  266. I gravitate to solids for myself, but for my grandkids it’s prints, prints, prints!

  267. Beth p

    I’m more of a solids person and love the Essex fabrics. Some of my very favorites!

  268. Kim Dimond

    Solids would be welcome in my sewing room.

  269. Pam K

    Hi; I think I like the prints the best. Would probably use the fabric for grandkids.

  270. Elizabeth Perez

    Butterflies, flowers or anything with colores to Smock a summer outfit!

  271. Joy

    For clothing I’m more of a solids person, but those prints are pretty tempting!

  272. Kelley Matieriene

    I am definitely a prints person. but really should add more solids to my stash…

  273. Rachel Rogers

    I love prints over solids. Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful fabrics.

  274. Dea C

    I like prints. I love this collection.

  275. Nancy

    I love a pretty floral print.

  276. Darlene Wallace

    Love those prints! Beautiful!

  277. Ann G.

    Solids all the way!

  278. Ava

    Solids with print accents

  279. Andrea

    Love prints paired with a beautiful solid.

  280. Kathy

    Oh, how I love a beautiful print!!

  281. Tara

    I love the Londonesque prints!!

  282. I am more of a prints person, but like to trim or accent with solids.

  283. Kathy Hills

    I’m equally drawn to prints and solids, it just depends on the colors. That linen looks scrumptious.

  284. Ratna

    I’m more reserved and prefer solids for myself… but for my daughter: prints! These are gorgeous 🙂

  285. Sarah

    I gravitate towards solids. Essex linen blends are some of my favorite fabrics!

  286. Jill

    Definitely a solid person! That Essex linen is beautiful!

  287. Such a prints person–and so many beauties for my little Elsie!

  288. Sarah

    Prints! (Although I should probably stash some solids to wear with the crazy prints I love…)

  289. Carol Jones

    I am a prints person. Beautiful prints for granddaughter.

  290. Sarah Milloy

    Usually I’d say solids, but those prints are to die for!

  291. Faye

    I’m definitely drawn to fun prints!

  292. Margaret Nolte

    The prints are lovely!!

  293. Laura

    I love solids, especially blues and grays.

  294. Marcia Sue

    Solids…I love the prints but I look better in solids. I can see several dresses in my future! Thanks again for the give-aways and all your hard work.

  295. Wanda Quist

    I guess I like prints better, but I love combing a good solid contrast with a print.

  296. Marguerite White-Jeanneau

    I am a prints person… Thank you for such a fun week of giveaways! And for such wonderful sewing patterns!

  297. Sarah J

    Prints are like candy to me. I can’t resist! But I’m trying to grow up and sew more sensible solids.

  298. Kim Shelton

    I am definitely a prints kind of girl.

  299. Kim Stevenson-Beck

    Solids are my favorite.

  300. Solids, but I’m trying to be adventurous and try prints more.

  301. Krista White

    Prints, but usually they clash because I never have enough solids!

  302. Donna

    Prints. Love London Calling!

  303. Betty

    I am becoming a print lover.

  304. Dena Shepherd

    I love to make smocked dresses for grand-daughters so prints for me!

  305. Kelly

    Prints – love those cherries!!

  306. Anne K.

    I’m a lifelong linen lover so I prefer the solids.

  307. Anne K.

    I prefer the solid linen.

  308. Shioka Kudo

    i am usually a print person all the way but i do love those essex linens.

  309. Sarah Berseth

    Solids for myself and prints for my girls!

  310. Jody Hug

    Prints for me! The more color the better. Lawn is such a wonderful fabric to work with.

  311. Rebecca

    Solids gal, especially if Essex linen is on the line.

  312. Carrie Simpson

    Solids usually, but those prints are gorgeous!!

  313. Michelle

    I’m more attracted to prints, but when it comes to what I wear, it has to be solids.

  314. Elizabeth Allen

    I love solids, especially Robert Kaufman solids! They look classic no matter what the current trends are!

  315. Linda

    I’ve had the pleasure of sewing with London Calling lawn prints before and loved it! Have some dresses in mind for my 2 year old twin granddaughters.

  316. Michelle M

    I’m definitely more of a solids person, especially when it comes to clothing! But I’m probably more likely to go for a near solid, or something in an interesting texture.

  317. Bonni

    I definitely love prints! But there’s nothing like classic solids!

  318. Mindy

    I love those florals!

  319. Lou

    I love the prints! Bring on the

    Thanks for the giveaway

  320. Jill

    I probably wear solids more but some of those floral prints are so pretty!

  321. Kristina

    Solids mostly! I love using solids.

  322. Gail

    I love Robert Kaufman fabric. I’ve mostly sewn with prints but think I need more solid colors in my wardrobe.

  323. Ellen

    I love a print!! I can always find a solid.

  324. Prints for dresses, solids for everything else.

  325. Kari

    Prints! No, solids! No…prints! Solids! Both. Depends on the project.

  326. Andrea Medina-Smith

    I’m definitely into the solids in this set.

  327. Laura

    I love prints, but I wear more solids, so I am trying to stick with those.

  328. Teri Reuter

    I began sewing at age 11 . . . my first project was a dress matching plaids. From that time on, sewing for myself, I only used solids. When sewing for my only daughter I continued using solids as my primary focus was English smocking and embroidery. But now that I have 3 young granddaughters I am absolutely dying to work with PRINTS. Just purchased my first 10 Oliver+S patterns and can’t wait to get started!

  329. Solids . . . with printed accents! How is that for riding the fence?!?!?

  330. Rebecca

    I have some Essex linen and it’s wonderful! I am definitely a lover of solids.

  331. Amanda Correa

    I love floral prints! Love their fabric and have been having fun with my Woodland Clearing stash!

  332. Kathryn McBride

    Ugh, I really *ought* to be into solids more; I need to start making matching pieces!

  333. Dawn B

    I’m a prints AND solids woman. I love prints but find they can often be overwhelming. So, when planning an outfit I choose mostly solid pieces and highlight just one printed fabric item. That one item may be a blouse, skirt, pant, jacket or handbag while the remaining items will be solid fabric pieces. When choosing fabric, I’m always planning ahead to an entire outfit and cohesive wardrobe.

  334. Ginger

    I am mostly a solid person.

  335. Scarlet Mendez

    I like prints and I’d love to try some Robert Kaufman fabrics!

  336. Gina Campbell

    I love the linen!

  337. Judy Soto

    I love the florals, especially the one with the green background….and I like the butterflies as well!

  338. Diane P.

    I almost exclusively sew with prints. This makes for some interesting outfit choices!

  339. Solids for me and prints for my girls.

  340. Beth

    Solids, if I’m sewing for me… sometimes a print for the kids, though!

  341. Florence Taylor

    I love the prints

  342. Anita

    Love the classic look/style of a solid, but am always a sucker for a beautiful print.

  343. Jennifer Janssen

    I love to use prints for children, especially with spring and summer clothes. For adults I tend to stick with mainly solids.

  344. Esther

    The prints are lovely.

  345. liz n.

    I continue to be flabbergasted by the generosity of all these fabric companies on these giveaways!

    Although I’m more of a prints gal, I’d never pass up Essex, so solids for me this go ’round!

  346. Ann D-R

    I usually mix prints and solids but would really dig some of those London Calling lawns.

  347. Catherine

    Normally prints all the way, and I love the look of those florals, but metallic Essex is super tempting too!

  348. Solids are my go to

  349. Laura Johnson

    I’d love to try out those linen/cotton solids!

  350. Elizabeth Harpt

    I love linen solids!

  351. Gina

    I’m mostly a solids person, but have to have some prints!

  352. Charity

    In finished garments, I love solids. But when it comes to fabric, I always lean toward the prints!

  353. Cheryl

    I tend to prefer the solids for bottoms and the prints for tops! I’ve used the London Calling for two Lisette dresses for me, and I’ve used the Essex for shorts for my daughter. I love them!

  354. Laurel

    Prints – especially florals!!! Yay Spring!

  355. Lara

    I am usually sewn to prints, but I am trying to sew more with solids to give my wardrobe more versatility. These are so beautiful, they seem anything but plain!

  356. Kelly

    Solids for me, but prints for my little one.

  357. Marie J

    Love the prints! Perfect for spring/summer dresses.

  358. Maxine

    I am definitely a solids person, but some of those floral prints caught my eye.

  359. usairdoll

    Ahhhhh! So many gorgeous fabrics! I’m definitely a prints kind of girl. Would love to play with those fabrics.

    Congratulations on 10 Years!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  360. Nikki

    I am a prints person, my fabric stash is almost all bright and colorful prints!

  361. Erin

    Both fabric lines look great but I have used the metallic linen for a special occasion music box jumper and loved it, so the linen. Maybe for a pair of after school pants!

  362. Caroline Booth

    Solids for me, though I could be swayed by those horse prints!

  363. Elise O'Connor

    I love prints but I also love linen. This time I would lean towards the linens!

  364. I Love the prints, but I think right now I prefer the solids, especially in linen blends.

  365. Nadezda

    Solids to sew with, at the moment. Tana lawn looks pretty inspiring, though.

  366. Heather Dawson

    I love the metallics too! I’m making the new mc calls portfolio dress in a yellow shimmer…..

  367. Jessica

    Prints! But these solids ar lovely!

  368. Pat

    Solids for a quilt

  369. Alyson Ray

    Solids!!! And I love Brussels!!

  370. margaret parlapiano

    Solids,for modern quilting

  371. Sondra

    Prints! Prints! Prints!

  372. Terri Cady

    Definitely prints for me!

  373. Stirling

    I buy all the print fabric, but all my clothes are solids. Oops!

  374. Jena

    Robert Kaufman is my all time fav fabric. I use both print and solid depending on the garment. I see a challis in the pic that is on my sewing table, cut for a bias skirt. Prints it is.

  375. I love the prints.

  376. Cindy Hampton

    For myself, I’m more of a solids person. I’ve been wanting to work on a serger project in the linen!

  377. Kathy Wahl

    Love the small floral printss!!

  378. Congratulations to Erika who left the 160th comment on this post. She’s been selected as the winner of our drawing. Thanks to Robert Kaufman for providing the prize.

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