what to make with it: the denim studio by agf

The quintessential American fabric has been updated. If you thought denim was too thick and heavy to sew with, think again. The Denim Studio by AGF is your new best friend. You don’t need a special sewing machine needle to sew with these fabrics. You’ll see they have an array of prints and textures in great colors that are ideal for apparel. Mix and match to suit your taste. They are such beautiful fabrics for you all to get inspired with. Here are some examples brimming with inspiration for your next sewing project.

First up, do you remember this Hide-and-Seek Dress with Woven Yoke? That post includes a fantastic fabric weaving tutorial.

The Denim Studio by AGF

And how about this amazing Woven Secret Agent Trench Coat?

I’ve put together some examples of other possibilities to get your creative juices flowing.

1) Grab the Buttoned-up Botton-down Shirt and make it in Frosted Sage.

Oliver + S Buttoned-up Botton-down Shirt

2) How about a Sailboat Skirt using Classic Denim? For even more inspiration go check out our Topstitched Denim Sailboat Dress tutorial.

Oliver + S Sailboat Skirt

3) For either a boy or girl, I think the Art Museum Trousers would be fantastic in Cherry Crimson. By the way, this reminds me of our Jeans from Oliver + S Patterns post.

Oliver + S Art Museum Trousers

4) For a cute pair of jeans make the After School Pants using Indigo Shadow.

Oliver + S After School Pants

5) The Lullaby Layette Pants would be darling in Vice-Versa.

Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Pants

6) For the boys try the Sketchbook Shorts using Adobe Clay.

Oliver + S Sketchbook Shorts

7) For a fun pair of girly shorts, make the Class Picnic Shorts in Rose Feather.

Oliver + S Classic Picnic Shorts

8) Grab the Carousel Dress pattern and make it using Cool Foliage.

Oliver + S Carousel Dress

9) I think the Swingset Skirt would be beautiful in Ragged Daisies.

Oliver + S Swingset Skirt

10) For a cute skirt, take the Butterfly Skirt pattern and sew it up in Rosebud Falls.

Oliver + S Butterfly Skirt

11) I think the Everyday Skirt would be pretty in Pointelle Rings.

Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt

12) The man in your life will look handsome in an All Day Shirt in Deep Ocean.

Liesl + Co. All Day Shirt

13) I think the Classic Shirt would look nice in Endless Paradise.

Liesl + Co. Classic Shirt

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  1. Elisabeth

    I made the art museum trousers using the AGF denim in Wicked Sky last year for both my boys and they love them! The color is dark enough and has a nice finish, so they look more like dress pants than jeans. I’d also really recommend their textured denim (which is heavier and does need the special needle). I made a pair of Field Trip cargo pants using it last year and it has held up beautifully to daily wear by my third grader.

    1. Elizabeth, that sounds awesome!

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