fourteen hem tutorials

When it comes time to finish a hem, you have lots of options. Over the years we’ve written tutorials for you on many, many different approaches. Today I have gathered fourteen hem tutorials that have  appeared on the blog in the past. Take a look through this post, and I’m sure you’ll find something new and interesting that you can use in your next sewing project.

14 hem tutorials

There are several ways to sew a hem depending on what you want the finished look to appear like. Maybe you would be interested in using some of these hem tutorials in the future.

How to hem everything

1) How to Hem Everything: Woven Fabrics
2) How to Hem Everything: Knit Fabrics

Hem tucks and double thickness hem

3) Hem Tucks
4) Double Thickness Hem

Narrow hem with Ban-Rol and hem facing

5) Narrow Hem with Ban-Rol
6) Hem Facing

Lettuce hem using a sewing machine or serger

7) Lettuce Hem by Sewing Machine
8) Lettuce Hem Using a Serger

Twin needle hem and hi-lo hem

9) Twin Needle Hems
10) A-line High-low Hem

Blindstitch, catchstich, and bias binding

11) Blindstitch and Catchstitch
12) Bias Binding Tutorial

Tulle hem and bias hem

13) Tulle Hem
14) Lazy Days Skirt with Bias Hem


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  1. Anne

    This is one of the best tutorials I have seen and read in a long time!!! I really appreciate all the different ideas I have seen but was not sure how to execute. Again thanks very much.

  2. Does the lettuce hem have to be done with knit? Or can it be done with a quilting cotton?

    1. The fabric needs to be stretched a lot in order to get the lettuce hem, so it really only works with knits.

  3. PsychicSewerKathleen

    What an amazingly helpful tutorial this is! Brilliant to see all the options in one post (which I’ve bookmarked for future reference!) Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done to put this altogether.

  4. Susan Terrill

    Thank you so much for compiling these hem types for us. It is such a great resource. Will these be kept in tutorials or where can we find them when we need them? than you again.

    1. They should all be found in the tutorial section. Alternately, you can bookmark this post so you have all the links in the same place.

  5. Tangobleu

    So useful, this compilation ! I love it. Thank you so much. Regards from France.

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