free pattern for 13- and 14.5-inch doll skirts

I’ve got a project to share with you today that is hot off of the sewing machine. With a very small investment of time, you can create a bunch of these darling doll skirts. This is a creative project to do for the special doll owner in your life. Stocking stuffer anyone?

14.5-inch doll skirt (free pattern)

Supplies needed

  • 9-inch by 12-inch printed soft felt sheet
  • Sew-on snap
  • Bias tape maker to make at least 9 inches of bias tape

Supplies needed for the 14.5-inch doll skirt

The pattern piece

Print out the mini building block dress practice pattern which is a miniature version of the Oliver + S Building Block Dress book dress pattern. Print it according to these specifications:

  • For a 13-inch doll print it out at scale 100%
  • For a 14.5-inch doll print it out at scale 115%

You will just be using the skirt pattern pieces. I printed out two copies, then I taped all four pattern pieces together to make one continuous pattern piece.

14.5-inch doll skirt (free pattern)


Cut the skirt out of the soft felt, sew bias tape on the waist edge, and then sew on the snap.

14.5-inch doll skirt (free pattern)

No need for hemming as the soft felt doesn’t fray. And that’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?

I used a 1/2 inch bias tape maker to make my own bias tape. For help with all things bias tape, here are tutorials from the Oliver + S blog:

13-inch and 14.5-inch doll skirts (free pattern)

These little doll skirts are super fun to make and they turn out absolutely adorable, don’t you think?

Happy doll sewing!

If you enjoy sewing in miniature, then be sure to check out these links:




  1. Elisabeth

    Thank you for this! My daughter is getting one of the Wellie Wishers dolls for Christmas so this will be perfect 🙂

    1. Elisabeth, I hope your daughter doesn’t read the blog!

  2. Deb

    Perfect timing Rachel. A Maplelea Doll ( – Canadian equivalent of an American Girl doll) is arriving at Christmas, so I need to get sewing some outfits right away! Thanks for the pattern.

    1. Izzy

      This pattern isn’t for eighteen inch dolls.

  3. l got the instructions but NO pattern….now what?t

    1. In the blog post, there is a section called “The pattern piece.” There is a link there to download what you will need and instructions for how to print it.

      1. gloria

        todd!! got it…THANKS1

  4. LouAnn

    Hard site to follow! Where is the skirt pattern?

  5. designdreamer

    So. . . . I tried this. As I was putting the various pieces together ( I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to butt the ends together or overlap at the seam line?), I thought it looked as though the waist was going to be too big for a Wellie’s waist, so i dry-fitted it. on my Wellie. It WAS waaay too big! I ended up using 3 1/2 of the skirt pieces. I also wanted to use fabric – I have a lot ot it and there are a lot more options – which meant I would have to hem it, and since hemming circle shaped is a pain I thought why not just make it reversible? So that’s what I did. But since that used 1/4″ SA, it made it a tad short. It’s still cute, but I’ll make subsequent ones a tad longer. I also used velcro along the length of the back closure. I thought my granddaughters (3 & 5) would be able to use that easier than a snap.

    1. Cathy L Razmus

      Did your skirt overlap at the closure, it looks like there is an overlap in the photo.could that be why it was too big?

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