more fun building block book tools for you

Hello friends!

Today we have two more tools to help with your Building Block Dress book designs. You may already be familiar with the first one. It’s our free handy measurement chart to help you keep track of the growing child(ren) in your life. Of course you can also use it for yourself, if you want. Download it, print it, and keep it handy. It’s wallet-sized so you can always have it with you when you need it.


The second is a miniature version of the dress pattern itself. I used this little tool when I taught the workshops that turned into the book. The seamlines are already marked on these mini pattern pieces, so they’re quick and easy to use for practice before you trace and alter the full-sized pattern. You could even save your practice pattern pieces as visual reminders for each technique in the book if you want.

Mini Building Block Dress Pattern Pieces

And don’t forget our Building Block Dress Pinterest board! I’m adding images almost every day, so you’re sure to find inspiration for your next dress there.


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  1. Debbie

    this skirt pattern was too small. would not go around the waist. about a fourth of an inch too small.

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