2015 in review: new oliver + s patterns

I don’t know if it is just me, but does 2016 seem to be flying by super fast? It’s already the first week of February and we are just now wrapping up our “2015 blog year in review” series. Today we’re closing the series with the two new Oliver + S patterns were released last year. We have a big round-up, wait until you see all the wonderful things people have been sewing!

2015 Oliver + S sewing patterns

Let’s start out with the Butterfly Skirt + Blouse, shall we? Here are some quick clicks for you:

The Butterfly Skirt is quite possibly my favorite Oliver + S pattern to sew. Yes, I enjoy sewing the Roller Skate Dress and the Popover Sundress, but the Butterfly Skirt is ridiculously easy to make. And you’ll see how quick it is to put together in our Butterfly Skirt sew-along. And don’t forget the post about adding an adjustable elastic waist to the Butterfly Skirt, it’s quite simple to do.

What have other Oliver + S fans been making with this pattern? See here.

Oliver + S Butterfly Blouse


Oliver + S Butterfly Blouse + Skirt

Oliver + S Butterfly Skirt + Blouse and Class Picnic Shorts

Malgosia: skirt, top

Oliver + S Butterfly Blouse


Oliver + S Butterfly Blouse


Oliver + S Butterfly Blouses


And in case that wasn’t enough of a fix for you, here’s the Butterfly Blouse + Skirt round-up we had on the blog last year.

Now for the Parachute Polo + Sweatpants, a pattern for both boys and girls. More quick clicks for you:

Here are what our Oliver + S friends have been making with the Parachute pattern.

Oliver + S Parachute Polo + Sweatpants


Oliver + S Parachute Polos

Audrey: long sleeve, short sleeve

Oliver + S Parachute Polo turned into a dress

Oliver + S Parachute Sweatpants

Brittney: blue, gray, red

Oliver + S Parachute Polo


Oliver + S Parachute Polo


Oliver + S Parachute Polo


Oliver + S Parachute Sweatpants

Oliver + S Parachute Polo


We love seeing photos of what you make with Oliver + S patterns. Be sure to tag your photos with #oliverands on Instagram or add them to the Flickr group.


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  1. Liesl

    So many cute outfits! It’s wonderful to see everyone’s sewing.

  2. Thanks for featuring our Parachute Polos. We sure do love this pattern!

  3. Deb

    Perfect timing. I just bought these two patterns (have them all now) and was looking for inspiration. Got it now, thanks!

  4. I love those patterns! I made the butterfly blouse and skirt for my daughter soon after it released and to date have made two parachute polos for my son! Thanks for the great pattern!

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