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tea party

size 5 project: tea party

We are continuing with the size 5 project. This time around Sarvi is here to tell us about her love for the Oliver + S Tea Party pattern.

made and worn with love

The story of a much loved dress, made by Natalie Chanin and worn by her daughter for over five years.

customizing with oliver + s: “fancy pants” bloomers

Do you remember Shelley (a.k.a. Lightning McStitch) with that amazing Evel Knievel costume? Well, she’s back, this time with a really sweet tutorial for you. This time she’s here to demonstrate how she made these adorable ruffled bloomers using the Tea …

our newest digital patterns

Back in October, after many requests and much consideration, we decided to do a little test. We re-released our out-of-print Puppet Show pattern as the first Oliver + S digital download. Your response was so positive that we released a …

summer sewing

Usually I try to check in on the Oliver + S Flickr group every couple of days. It’s always amazing to me how many new photos show up, because you’re a prolific group of sewists! I’ve been traveling for the …

going out of print announcement

Every so often, we make an announcement about our children’s sewing patterns that are due to go out of print. It’s been a while since we’ve done that, so here are our current plans. Over coming months, we will be …

alabama studio style meets brooklyn style

Over at my personal blog today, I have a post up about making Tsia an Oliver + S Tea Party Sundress using Natalie Chanin’s techniques. Here’s the result. See the details, and some spreads from Natalie’s new book on disdressed.

more trunk show stops

The newest Oliver + S trunk show has been booked for the remainder of the summer. If you’re in the area, stop by one of our retailers to participate in the activities they will be hosting in conjunction with the …

rickrack inspiration via flickr

There are many adorable outfits showing up on the Oliver + S Flickr group lately. Here are two recent additions that both use rickrack with terrific results. The Tea Party Sundress pattern includes a Playsuit option, which can be really …