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Back in October, after many requests and much consideration, we decided to do a little test. We re-released our out-of-print Puppet Show pattern as the first Oliver + S digital download. Your response was so positive that we released a few others in the following months. And the positive response continued.

Today we’re releasing our next two digital patterns: the Tea Party Sundress & Playsuit and the Sailboat Top, Skirt & Pants. These early Oliver + S styles were very popular while they were in print, and we’re happy to be able to make them available again in digital form.


New Digital Sewing Patterns from Oliver + S


Over coming  months, we will be releasing two additional styles each month until all our out-of-print patterns are available again as digital downloads.

This doesn’t mean that we’re giving up on paper. We plan to keep all the styles that use our current size ranges (6M-4 and 5-12) in print for the foreseeable future. And we’ll be releasing our new Spring-Summer 2012 styles as paper-only patterns in April as we always have. But we like giving you a way to access items from our deep back list that we have decided not to reprint.

We hope you enjoy sewing with these styles!


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  1. Carey

    I am not in a position to do any sewing right now, but I am thrilled to know that some of these patterns that I was so sad to see retired will be available when I am! Thank you!

  2. Sarah

    Hooray! Currently working with my first O + S pattern and believe I may be hooked! Thanks for making more wonderful patterns available.

  3. Yay, this is great news! The sailboat top and pants are one of my favorite patterns of yours – so versatile for boys AND girls! Glad they’re available for everyone again. 🙂

  4. I think that I saw that you had given permission for the use of popover sundress for charity sewing?

    I am meeting with a group at church tomorrow –they are planning to make dresses to send to Haiti. May we use this pattern?

    I have made up 4 of the dresses. Adding pockets to 2 and a larger front yoke to one. The pattern sews up nicely; it is well drawn and the directions well written.

    Thanks in advance for a reply

    1. Willa, yes that’s fine.

  5. Jen

    So excited about O + S rereleasing the out-of-print patterns!

  6. Jamie

    Being a late-comer to the wonderful world of Oliver+S, I am soooo thrilled that you’re offering us another shot at the out-of-print patterns!! Is there any hope, whatsoever, of seeing the Bubble Dress in digital format prior to Easter this year? I managed to find the smaller size online, but my little princess has outgrown the pattern before I ever got to use it! I am dreaming of it in a lovely pale turquoise or butter yellow dupioni for her Easter dress….

    *fingers crossed*

    1. I think that’s one of the next on our list, Jamie.

  7. Jamie

    Oh, Todd, that’s the best news ever– you have made me a very happy girl! :o)

  8. rozy

    i’m so happy that you are releasing the out-of-print patterns in digital forms. especially for your fan who lives outside US.
    by the way, is the bedtime story pajamas pattern included in your digital pattern plan?

    many thanks.

  9. bec

    Hurray!!! thank you so much! I love the tea party dress and I have been waiting for the sailboat top/pants.

    Are there any plans to extend the sizes for the tea party dress? My daughter grew out of the last size, and boy was it ever a tragedy for her mother…

    1. Bec, no–sorry–we won’t be changing the sizing on that pattern.

  10. Ashley

    Do you have a specific release date for the new patterns? I was thinking that my sister and I need to have a pre-release pattern party or the very least a countdown! We absolutely adore the Oliver + S patterns and can’t wait to see your new creations!

    1. Ashley, we release new paper patterns in the first week of April and the first week of September each year.

  11. Ashley

    Wonderful – we’ll be counting down the days!

  12. Rebecca

    I am tortured waiting for the next release of the digital patterns! 🙂 is there a set day per month they are each released? I keep checking everyday hoping for another!

    1. Rebecca, sorry to keep you on pins and needles. We release these as we’re able to do them. And we haven’t been able to focus on them lately because of some other great things we’ve been working on.

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