alabama studio style meets brooklyn style

Over at my personal blog today, I have a post up about making Tsia an Oliver + S Tea Party Sundress using Natalie Chanin’s techniques. Here’s the result.

See the details, and some spreads from Natalie’s new book on disdressed.




  1. Lindsay

    Oh, so beautiful! You have created an heirloom here, and a very inspirational piece.
    Strangely (or providentially), I just finished my first project from the Alabama Stitch Book yesterday (a book cover, to practice my handstitches), and I was dreaming of applying this technique to your patterns…Thank you for sharing your vision!

  2. Margery

    Oh, me too! I’ve been trying to decide what to try first from the Alabama Stitch Book and wondered how I might use it with a garment. As usual, you’ve made a lovely dress!

  3. Cindy

    Love it, love it, love it! I just ordered both Alabama stitches books and can’t wait to try the techniques. I was thinking your patterns would be perfect for this look, I can see I was right, the dress is absolutly beautiful!

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