Oliver + S

ice cream

dior rose tutorial

Learn how to create classic Dior roses with this tutorial by Marie-Michelle. They look lovely as an embellishment on the Oliver + S Ice Cream Blouse.

tween style: dress round-up

Oliver + S is known for kid’s patterns, but did you know there’s a lot for tweens there too? Here is a round-up of dresses made in sizes 10 and 12 for them.

color blocking 101

Color blocking involves a simple patternmaking step, and once you understand the process you’ll be able to add your own color blocking to customize your sewing.

customizing with oliver + s: use a running stitch

What’s one of the simplest and easiest ways to customize a pattern to make the finished garment your own? Add a running stitch. Your don’t need to alter a pattern radically to make the final product unique. Sometimes all you …

customizing with oliver + s: ombre ice cream dress

Have you been noticing the ombre trend? I just love it, whether it’s furniture, hair, quilts, or clothing. In fact, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the look, so of course I sat right up and took notice when …

it’s on!

The Ice Cream Social got started over the weekend, and it’s already making excellent progress. How is your sewing coming? Here are some posts to help you follow along: Day 1 Transferring markings to the fabric Interfacing, button loop and …

ready for the social

Are you participating in the Ice Cream Social? It just so happens that I’ve been sewing Ice Cream Dresses in my free time lately, too. This is the first of two versions I made over the weekend. I blogged about …

join the ice cream social

Planning to sew an Ice Cream Dress this summer? Why not join the global group of seamstresses who are participating in this month’s Ice Cream Dress sew along. Hosted by Amy of Badskirt in Australia, the sew along promises to …