tween style: dress round-up

Did you know that the majority of Oliver + S patterns include the upper range sizes of 10 and 12? I did my research and determined that 33 out of the current 44 go all the way up to size 12. Tweens (or pre-teens) are around the ages of 9-12 years old, and we would like to share some ideas for creating looks for the tween age group. Here is a round-up of dresses from the flickr group, examples of what others have already created for tweens.

Let’s start out with the Book Report Dress. Sarah sewed one in Ponte de Roma knit in size 12. Although the pattern calls for woven fabric, she made it work with knit fabric by topstitching the neckline and shoulders.


Oliver + S Book Report Dress in knit size 12


Lucinda also made one in knit fabric, too. She shortened the sleeves and added color blocked cuffs.


Customized Oliver + S Book Report Dress in knit


Here is another one from Sarah, this time in stretch poplin in size 10.


Oliver + S Book Report Dress in size 10


Next up, a Roller Skate Dress, made by partyofeight with a vintage lace casing.


Customized Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress


This Hide-and-Seek Dress was made in size 12 by Lucinda using linen. She took the time to do some lovely hand embroidery on the yoke.


Oliver + S Hide-and-Seek Dress hand embroidery on yoke


Here is an Ice Cream Dress created by Sarah in size 12. She made it without the pockets or the bottom contrast band.


Customized Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress in size 12


Finally, another Ice Cream Dress in size 12, but this time by Melajoe1. She did a bright color blocked version.


Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress in size 12


Have you see some other dresses made in size 10 or 12? Please do share links in the comments section.


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  1. I love that the Oliver + S patterns are so customizable! I made the Gatden Party dress for my 11.5 year old this summer and it worked out very well!

  2. Maria del Socorro

    Gracias, es un modelo bonito sencillo y muy elegante

  3. Thank you for this. My daughter is aging out of size 8 and with so many posts/blogs/pics of cute toddlers in O&S, it’s easy to forget they do look great in the larger sizes too.

  4. Sarvi

    I don’t want to link to photos of Nicole’s kids without permission so here’s a mannequin modeling it, but between this Fairy Tale and her bright yellow modified School Photo dress, I am trying to figure out how to get her to adopt me:

  5. Sarvi

    Great list, Cindy!

  6. Sarah Turnbull

    I would love to see some patterns for 12–16 years. There are lots of tall, lanky tweens who have sized out of size 12 by height if not by age.

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