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croquet dress

ten spring sewing tutorials

Bring on spring! Here are ten fresh sewing projects using Oliver + S patterns for a beautiful spring.

animal inspiration

Here is some animal inspiration for Kids Clothes Week for the optional wild things theme.

flip this croquet dress voting

The month long Croquet Dress Flip This Pattern challenge is wrapping up. The four contestants have shared their flips and now it is time to go vote for your favorite.

flip this croquet dress

July is here and it’s time to customize the Oliver + S Croquet Dress for the Flip This Pattern competition. Take the pattern and make it yours.

flip this croquet dress

The featured Flip This Pattern for July is the Croquet Dress. Have fun taking the pattern and making it yours.

orange silk croquet dress in sew beautiful

The orange silk shantung dress from our feature in Sew Beautiful magazine (August/September 2013, issue #149) was made using View A of the Oliver + S Croquet Dress sewing pattern.

introducing the croquet dress sewing pattern

Every so often my dear friend Brooke, who designed our logo and packaging , weighs in with a special pattern request. She probably thinks I just nod my head and go back to doing whatever I want to do, completely …