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ask me: do I need a dress form?

You’re an improving sewist and you’re considering buying a dress form. Do you need one to take your skills to the next level? In this installment of her Ask Me series, Liesl says that you really don’t.

ask me: how to mix patterns

Liesl is here with another installment in her Ask Me series. This months it’s about mixing patterns and prints, and she shares her three rules of pattern mixing.

ask me: housekeeping questions

Liesl is back with another Ask Me post today. Have a question you want to ask her? Read through the post to find out how.

ask me: back again!

It’s back again: ask Liesl your questions because our very popular Ask Me series has returned!

ask me: this week on thread cult

Listen to Liesl’s interview on the Thread Cult podcast about sewing children’s clothing and women’s clothing, fabric design, inspiration, etc.

ask me: women’s patterns

Today I’m answering some of your questions about women’s sewing patterns and about art. Why these two topics? Why not?

ask me: hand sewing knots

In this week’s installment of our Ask Me series, Liesl takes on a question about how to secure the thread at the end of a hand-stitched seam.