ask me: this week on thread cult

Remember a few months ago when I talked about my favorite podcasts? This is the list that keeps my brain busy when I’m sewing, running, and washing dishes. In the comments section several of you made additional suggestions, and they were really good! Vinyl Cafe and Stuff You Missed in History Class have joined my list of favorites, so thank you for the great suggestions.

Mary also mentioned Thread Cult, which was new to me, and I really enjoyed listening to some of the interviews on this sewing-themed podcast. So it was especially fun when Christine, who runs Thread Cult, emailed shortly thereafter to see if we could meet up for an interview.

Ask Me

So for this week’s Ask Me post, we’ll let Christine do the asking! Here’s the interview. Thread Cult is also available in iTunes if you’d like to subscribe. Which you probably should, since Christine has all sorts of good stuff in the works.

I hope you have a great weekend with lots of time for sewing!





  1. Jess

    Please be the Portfolio tunic that you’re revamping!!!!!!

    1. Ding, ding, ding! Jess, that’s correct! It will be ready in early March.

  2. Happy to hear you enjoy Thread Cult too–I love it! Now I know what I’ll be listening to this weekend while hemming my latest project.

  3. Any chance the Itinerary dress will follow?

  4. Brenda

    Oh fun! I am going to save this for tomorrow when I am {hopefully} sewing, but more likely folding wash.

  5. I loved this interview- thanks for sharing!

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