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Using Tucks in O+S Patterns

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    Frances Suzanne @Frances Suzanne

    Is this the one you are referring to, @Deb ? I’m trying it with the link button {above} first, and then copy/pasting a second time in case the 1st doesn’t work….

    href=”http://sewingstashchallenge.blogspot.com/2012/08/smocked-dress-again.html” target=”_blank”>


    Deb @Mynorth

    Yes, that’s the one.
    Link button doesn’t work for me either but the copy/paste does.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    When I try copy and paste for a link, it won’t even paste. If I open a word doc and paste it into the doc, it works, but if I try and paste in this, it doesn’t work at all.

    For the admin’s info. I am on a Mac (Yosemite), using Chrome. I thought it was just me being inept that was having problems so I didn’t mention it to anyone.

    meleliza @meleliza

    re lullaby – wouldn’t you make the tucks in your fabric first and then lay the pattern on top for tracing and cutting?

    I’d like learn more about growth tucks too, such a clever concept, but the link didn’t work for me either.

    How about little pintucks in the Library dress bodice? Crossing over like that? So cool. It would probably involve cutting pieces on the bias, though, since you can only do tucks on grain. Buy maybe some extra staystitching and underlining would help stabilize. I’m thinking all in white, but then I think about white dresses a lot.

    Deb @Mynorth

    Try the link again…..


    ….and near the bottom of the post is instructions on how to do the ‘growth’ tucked hem. I simply call it a tucked hem and use it mainly because I like the neat finish.
    Others like it because when the child grows, it can easily be unpicked and re-folded/stitched to lengthen.

    Frances Suzanne @Frances Suzanne

    @meleliza – re: lullaby….Yes, that is how we’d do it {because we don’t trust our math, etc. to get them positioned just where we would want them}. 🙂

    Tamara @justsewit

    I would say that you wouldn’t actually fold the fabric as per you would ordinarily to get the result because the tucks moght end up a bit off. Would trace the pattern on the fold but not cut it on the fold in order to get the full piece and then work from there to determine where to put my tucks.

    This is just how I would do it.

    my sentiments exactly. The bodice would look really pretty with it.

    I think the Carousel dress would be interesting with this technique also – and entredeux joining the pieces together.

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