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    Nicole @motherof5

    I feel a bit of a fraud here 🙂 I was heavily into smocking and embroidery in the late 90’s and early 00’s but my style has changed somewhat.
    My claim to fame is I grew up in the town that Country Bumpkin was started and went to school with Margie Bauer and Lib Rayner’s daughters (the clever sisters who’s started A S&E).

    Hugo (18) had smocked everything, from nighties to rompers. The Twins has so many dresses as my mum smocked too ( her work is faultless, mine not-so-much).

    I will admit that a white dress, smocked in blue with pink grub roses sets my heart a flutter.

    I have noticed some really modern looking smocking popping up on Pinterest and I have started a board https://www.pinterest.com/fiveandcounting/not-your-nanas-smocking/ I must admit, I am tempted to pull my pleater out….

    Slightly off topic, I have a lot of smocking books and magazines that are looking for a new home. If anyone is missing a A S&E or Inspirations, let me know. Pay postage and it is yours! (If I have it).

    I have got rid of much of my work but kept all my mums. I am happy to take piccies if anyone is interested?

    Frances Suzanne @Frances Suzanne

    Oh my, girl…..you’ve probably sewn more with smocking than the two of us have combined!!! We LOVE AS&E, and have some of the magazines. We might be interested to take some off your hands :)…but would have to check our stash first! Thanks for the offer…

    Nicole @motherof5

    @FrancesSuzanne, I did a lot but it was pretty simple and quick.
    I love silk thread.

    Let me know regarding the mags, no hurry, I have a huge storage area.

    tantemele @tantemele

    I know they have lovely models and would be glad to try any of them. And the fact that they have a history behind make these magazines even more special. I would love to have some sent though they should go over half the globe to Europe.

    Nicole @motherof5

    Sounds like I need to photograph and sort. Woo hoo, that is therapy to me!

    sewgirl23 @sewgirl23

    @motherof5 I’ve always wanted to get into smocking, and am just trying to figure out which patterns I could adapt to have a bit of a smocked motif! I did so much embroidery in the 80’s and 90’s, I’m the same way when I see fine needlework.

    Nicole @motherof5

    I think the 2+2 would be gorgeous. Just under the tie, instead of the tab.
    ASM Blue did a gorgeous Ice Cream blouse. I would use gingham, so I could stitch the squares, rather then pleat.

    I still love French knots.

    I think simple smocking looks cleaner and more modern.

    Tamara @justsewit

    @sewgirl23 if you look at the line of the style of garment, it will give you an indication of where the smocking can go. I have used smocking on the carousel dress, the school photo dress and the school days jacket, not to mention the croquet dress.

    For a motif the carousel dress would be perfect. You could also do a picture smocked panel and insert it into a t shirt (school bus). The hide and seek tunic/ dress is also perfect

    Others have smocked the Garden party, fairytale dress and the class picnic top.

    Really the options are very much there and you can do just a little or alot.

    I hope this helps.

    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    I have added smocking to the bubble shorts, the garden party dress,tje fairy tale dress, and the sailboat top. I am working on a smocked popover dress as well. I think anything really could have a bit of smocking added to it.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Agreed! I have to go back and search for that sailboat top… But yes you certainly are correct, who knew that pockets would be perfect to smock on? Gathering gives the clue.

    And of course there are more than just the counterchange and geometric/ English smocking.

    I haven’t yet tried using ribbon but want to one day.

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