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Where do you get your buttons?

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    Tamara @justsewit

    I’m in the process of choosing buttons for the striped Sketchbook shirt for my son. I have a total of two cards worth of blue buttons that actually could go. However, one is more black than blue yet only three eighths of an inch and the other ones are three quarters of an inch in size and just a bit too big. I’m attempting to go for a happy medium yet it will mean waiting for my next shopping trip.

    It seems to be that wherever I google buttons, the sites that come up (in australia anyway) are wholesale and for the costume industry and hideously expensive. It seems the only way out of this and to avoid unnecessary travel just to get buttons is to buy from ebay. I don’t mind buying bulk just so long as I think I’d use them so I can be picky when it comes to choosing style, size, colour etc. Aren’t we all?

    So I’m posing this question to you ladies. We know that buttons can make or break the look of a garment so where do you get your buttons?

    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    I get mine at Hobby Lobby mostly. We don’t have a whole of places that sell buttons here. They do have some cute and nice ones though.

    I am too wondering about buying buttons online. My biggest worry is the real color of the buttons with matching fabric up.

    thejennigirl @thejennigirl

    Yardsales, thrift stores, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, & Craigslist. And family & friends. Everyone knows I love buttons 😉

    dkbnyc @dkbnyc

    i often nick a few buttons of my husbands shirts that are ready to be thrown out. or at least the extra ones on the inside side seam. Some of the dress patterns only call for 1 button at the back. Cant go wrong with a mother of pearl or grey smoke.

    mle bb @mle bb

    I have never bought buttons online for a garment so I have no advice there. I get my buttons from my local quilting store (they carry some buttons from Germany) and at vintage stores. I have a really great resale shop near me that has a great button selection and I love the old fashioned quality. Good luck on your button search!

    Robin @Robin

    We bought oodles of buttons at a rummage sale at a seniors’ centre. Not that you’re anywhere near Button, Button in Vancouver, British Columbia, but it could be button heaven.

    Tamara @justsewit

    I’m beginning to realise my isolation in all of the places you all have suggested. We do have a drapery (clothing shop) in town that stocks buttons but the range is extremely limited. I have to admit that buying buttons online isn’t something that I ever thought of resorting to but when it comes to such a shortage you have to weigh up the wait time for the mail with the time of the next shopping trip.

    I just wish that buttons were more accessible in quilting shops – I mean people do still sew clothing but I feel that the general opinion is that those who source quilting fabric only – quilt!

    I did have a bag of blue buttons that I have since found for this particular shirt I wanted them for. My 9 year old daughter nicked off with them and I thought I was done for but they have since been found and I have taken them back into my possession. I’m now going to go through and find out how many of the shade I want and size I want are in there to use. The big bags are handy but I do question the quality (if you can have quality in a button) as they are essentially “craft”

    Still it is great to know the different ideas of where to source buttons for that particular project when nothing in the cupboard matches well.

    Thanks ladies!

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    I’m trying to track down a tricky button (formula 1 style racing car in wood!) and think I’ll have to go online. Today I visited two amazing button shops in Melbourne. The one in the city was in an art deco building and had the added bonus of an elevator ride in an old style elevator with attendant. Sadly they didn’t have the button I wanted, but had a massive basket full of 1cent each buttons. I just know I could have found half a dozen blue ones for a shirt in there. Maybe we need an online button swap forum….

    EllaJaneSews @EllaJaneSews

    I was just thinking that would be a great idea! I would gladly send buttons to anyone who would like them if I in return received surprise shipments myself from different parts of the world. Regular plastic buttons in all shapes, sizes, and colors are easy to find here in Savannah. But I remember my Mother’s jar of antique buttons from her grandmother. She collected buttons from everywhere she traveled. I would love to start a collection of my own. Does this make sense?

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