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What Will You Create in 2015?

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    Tamara @justsewit

    This year creative projects include doing up the kids’ bedrooms – painting decorating in their style/preference.
    Curtains for every window in the house!
    Possibly a reno project but it depends on funds, there is a door in the sewing room that needs to be removed so that I can shift the wardrobe up a bit and put the doors on. We decorated the sewing room windows yesterday with foil to keep the heat out! This is strictly temporary of course as it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing look!

    Sewing projects include: darling little baby clothes for my precious Chloe. Groovy big kid clothes for my other two babies. I really want to attempt to make “man” sewing part of the routine – he desperately needs some new dress shirts. And sewing for me would be ideal to suit the new post baby body.
    Curtains might be made by me but it is going to be optional.

    Later in the year sewing will consist of preparation items for next year when Imogen goes to boarding school. Things like shoe bags and such. Not big but essential.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    I want to make the Bistro for me.

    I need to make 3 pairs of Afterschool pants for my daughter. She loves that pattern and I love that I can fit her no butt, no waist, no hips body so that they actually STAY up and don’t flash butt crack.

    I want to take time to really learn from my Craftsy classes to help with fit. (I got Joi’s Fit class, and am awaiting the pattern.) I am super excited because with Craftsy, I can keep going back to review it until I have really learned it well. It reinforces the things I have learned in my hands on classes.

    I want to learn how to use the serger that a friend gave me. He bought it and never used it himself.

    I want to make a bazillion in the clutches. I love that pattern. Make a stash of them and have the go to emergency gift for any female.

    All this is on hold until my daughter’s bed room decorating is complete so I can use her old room to set up my new sewing room.

    Harmony @Harmony

    I want to learn to sew with knits and install zippers.

    I will sew something for myself that isn’t pajamas:-). The Sorbetto top is on my list if I can figure out how to do the FBA on a one-piece pattern…

    Liesl Gibson

    My serger theading method is closer to Nicole’s than to the video’s. That jet air looks dreamy!

    I love this thread, by the way. Any video requests for this year?

    Linda @Knitting1

    I have made myself three dresses and a lightweight coat last year, so I want to continue to make as many clothes for myself as I can so I don’t have to buy much. I want to perfect fitting and learn bra making. I also want to continue making clothes for my youngest granddaughter but also get into making garments for my two grandsons- bought suitable Oliver+s patterns with this in mind. My daughter is expecting another baby in April and moving back to UK so planning baby clothes as well, I’ve bought Lullaby Layette, inspired by Nicole, so raring to go. And a patchwork quilt for the baby. And planning to increase my skills on my overlocker as still a beginner on it. Oh and once I’ve got fitting perfected, I want to make my husband some garments too. There’s probably more, I am just so excited at all the options open to me!

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    thejennigirl @thejennigirl

    Liesel, perhaps some blog posts on fitting tween/early teens? With your patterns going up to 12, many girls’ bodies start changing before they outgrow the patterns.

    Rhythm @rhythmtyagi

    This year I am planning to sew a few things for my two year old daughter. It’s that cute age when everything she wears looks sweet! I also plan to sew something for myself for the very first time, would love to try the cinema dress. Have already sewn a baby quilt for a dear friend’s newborn. Apart from that I am delving into soap making this year. Lots of things to learn.

    Cat75 @Cat75

    Well, I’m a little late but…Sew more for myself. Sew things my daughter will actually wear. I get tired of making things that don’t get worn. I would like to work more with hand embroidery. It’s fun and portable (but I don’t know what I’m doing.) Use fabric I already own and only buy fabric that is in plain colors. I have so many busy prints I don’t know what to do with. Oh, yes and I just found out my sister is expecting a new baby! So I am going to have fun sewing wee little baby things this year.

    Kim @kmac0107

    This year, starting with this month, I am making a red cotton velveteen cape from LTTS and a white onstage tutu for my 5 year old granddaughter. For my 3 year old grandson a wolf hat using the LTTS hat pattern and faux wolf fur. For the two toddler granddaughters white onstage tutus.

    Brittney @georgeandizzy

    I want to make more for my, all of a sudden, very opinionated 9 year old. She has noticed the clothes I make her aren’t the same as what the kids at school wear, ie the majority aren’t knits and she decided to have an opinion about colors and patterns. But, she still loves when I make her things, so I need to change my game.

    I want to focus more on what my kids *need* rather than what I want to make, yes, I love making a million little dresses, but shorts and pants are more practical for the playground, things like that.

    My goal is 75% handmade wardrobe, which seems like a lot especially with 5 kids to sew for, but if I focus on what is needed and not making just to make, it shouldn’t be that bad. I definitely need to try @motherof5’s rota system and start making clothes for the next season a little bit ahead of time.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Oh Brittney, sounds like the preteen thing has struck at your house. My daughter was just like that starting from about 9 and my son is starting to become rather opinionated about what he wears – he feels like he is in prison with certain stripe combinations!

    I think its a good thing to include them in the planning process. More of a chance they will actually wear the item that way!

    This month I am aiming to complete two angel sets and make just one nursing top for myself. We will start with that small goal and see how we go.

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