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Verdun sleeves

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    Susan16 @Susan16

    Will the long sleeves on the Verdun work easily on the Chai Tee?

    Liesl Gibson

    The two are completely separate patterns, so I can’t say for sure. But you could certainly try it!

    Susan @susan

    I am not replying to the Verdun Sleeves but to the use of Rayon in the presentation of the Verdun T. Did you know that Rayon production was banned in the United Stated in 2013 by the EPA because the manufacturing process was so toxic to the health of the workers. I think it may have involved the use of formaldehyde. Also it is a cellulose fiber which requires the harvesting and processing of trees and bamboo. Many threatened forests are being used for the production of rayon. oh wait. Tree and bamboo pulp are traditionally dissolved in carbon disulfide exposing workers to poisonous fumes that can cause severe neurological damage.

    This is from the page 19 of Fibershed by Rebecca Burgess.

    I have been purchasing Oliver and S patters for about 9 years. I own multiple copies of all of them. Liels is the best pattern maker I have found ever since I started sewing again. I grew up using Vogues which had the best pattern guide sheets there were. then when my children were little I smocked all of there dresses.

    I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 1966 and was so happy when Gaylord Nelson declared Earth Day some years later. We must be away of the use of Rayon and other fabrics which are not good for our environment and the health of those who produce them. I am now learning to use natural dyes to dye fabric. I think the Verdun T would be great.

    Susan D Terrill

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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