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tips for extra durability?

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    Mel @Mel

    I’m making the field trip top for a friend’s son. He loves purple but his mom hasn’t been able to find any non-girly purple shirts in the stores. I’m nervous about making something for someone whose not in my family and I really want to make sure that the seams are extra durable. I’m hoping he will love it and wear it lots.

    I don’t have a serger. I see the instructions call for a narrow zigzag. Would using a double needle make the seams even stronger? What type of thread would be best? Any other advice? thanks!

    mrskanuckles @mrskanuckles

    I dont have the field trip pattern, but I have made a simiar shirt with exposed seams. You basically sew it with the wrong sides together, press down the seams together then sew down the seam to the shirt.

    It came out super cute, and sewing the seam twice made it durable.

    Also, alot of machines have a stitch that looks like a lightening bolt. It is a stretch stitch. My kids and my friends kids I have made hopscotch dresses for etc, havent been able to pop those seams “yet”.

    dare moi @dare moi

    I would do as mrskanuckles suggests with the seams and stitching them down ‘together’ to the side (with a normal stretch needle).

    I would also look through your machine manual- where i still find little surprises – i use a “triple stitch” usually on necks and arms, sometimes hems. I’ve got some wooly nylon in my bobbin which i tie and then trim at the end of a seam.

    I got a double needle- looks good, but half the time my younger kid’s (he’s 3.5) stitching pops.

    Have fun!

    xoxx s

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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