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Sewing Mojo gone

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    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    I really hate to say this but my sewing drive is gone and nowhere to be found! I have some beautiful fabrics here on hand, Sarah Jane to be exact, and I am still stuck at zero. I have printed off the new size in patterns for my daughter and even cute out a top from the Building Block dress but I still have yet to sew. I even sewn a few quilt blocks hoping it would light the sewing flame up again. Sigh.

    Any advice or tips on how to find my drive back again?


    Anonymous @

    Mine’s been largely gone for a year, so I know how you feel. No tips, but what got me going again here recently is teaching my daughter’s GS troop to sew AND my daughter’s annual daddy daughter dance. I always make her a dress and I’ve been enjoying it so much.

    I hope you can either be happy to take a break and do something else (or nothing) for a while, or that you get that mojo back!

    Tamara @justsewit

    Maybe sew something small Sharon? Dolly’ clothes? Something for the home even? Just to get you warmed up. Easter outfits for the kids?

    Maybe the weather is not helping? When it is extreme in temps, my sewer goes missing. Thankfully it has stuck around this time (but we shall see when school goes back next week and it’s hot as hot can be)

    I hope this is helpful and it returns to you soon.

    aprilshowers @aprilshowers

    I find this happens when I’m sort of floundering for what to make next. Do you have a specific event or charity you can sew for? Or a Craftsy class you’ve been meaning to take? Actually, an in-person class would be even better since seeing what others are working on might provide some inspiration. And if all else fails, focus on something else for a little while (reading, knitting, cooking, etc) and it will come back eventually!

    brenda1652 @brenda1652

    Consider it a sign from your innner creative self to explore new exciting things! I lost my sewing mojo for a good year, nothing I did seemed to bring it back. I tried picking ups some new fabric and new thisses and thats, but nope, no spark. I started to think about other skills beyond needle work that I have always wanted to explore, drawing and painting being on the list (note: I have never had any artistic skills or apparent talent). I went into Craftsy and found a couple classes in pen and ink and drawing (watch for their sales, 2 for one and deep discounts are offered regularly), picked up a few tools as well as a couple used art instruction books on Amazon (much less expensive a hobby than sewing!) and now I find my creative juices flowing again. For sure I will never be an artist of note but I am having fun and have stopped berating myself for sewing projects not done. I also found myself just this week pulling out some bits of fabric and starting in on some nice quick items for my daughter’s first house after admiring her own art and sewing room that she furnished with many items she acquired after “shopping” in my craft room! I’ll bet your kids would also enjoy learning some new skills with you and trust me, by your own example and enthusiasm they will make all aspects of creative expression part of their lives as they grow into fine adults. As a side note, I also picked up some ice skates for myself with the goal of not breaking my bones, since it has been a good 20 yrs since I skated (I am 65). There are so many interesting things to explore, give yourself permission to have fun again as you surprise yourself with new skills.

    Liesl Gibson

    I agree; it’s perfectly fine to take a break until inspiration hits! I know I personally can’t always be sewing or I burn out. Take a break and try something different or don’t do anything at all for a while. And maybe when we have some new patterns out (soon) that will help???

    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    Thank you for all the advice ladies!! I have been back to reading again, I have not done that in years. I need to take up drawing and painting again.

    Liesl the sound of new patterns os music to my ears! I am akways so excited to see your new work. That might just be the ticket!

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I find that I can’t be firing on all pistons at once. If I’m sewing a lot, I’m not knitting. If I’m knitting a lot, I’m not cooking, and so on. I too have been in a non-sewing phase for what feels like a long time. I have had half a Music Blouse on a hanger by my sewing desk for 6 months, no exaggeration. It may well not fit by the time I finish it. One thing that does help is Liesl’s suggestion of ending by setting up the next step. That does get me into “just another bite” mode and that’ll keep me going.

    Another thing that sometimes works is watching videos of new techniques, that I then really want to go try. Have you seen the blog where the costume designer for Game of Thrones talks about how she makes some of the textured fabrics for the different characters? SO MUCH thought goes into it, it’s fascinating.

    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    That is a great thought to go on, exploring new fabrics and sewing techniques. I might just jump over the top, not your everyday type of sewing. I done so much of that. I think if I challenged myself that could help. Maybe it is due to a sewung rut? Anyway at least I finished Sarah’s Easter dress from last year.

    Alice Miller @Alice

    Sometimes all you need is to take a break from your hobby, even if it’s your favorite, and that’s completely normal. If you don’t feel like sewing is entertaining you at the moment, then use this opportunity to try something else. Scrapbooking, knitting… something that you’ve never tried before.
    As for me, I often get stuck, but I had always found inspiration in national costumes. But it only works when I’m not completely tired from sewing.

    p.s. – when I started to write, I haven’t noticed that it’s such an old thread, sorry. I hope everything is ok now, though 🙂

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