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Red Riding Hood

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    Karen Bader @karenBadeer

    I am making the Red Riding Hood from the “Little Things to Sew” book. If I use the center piece on the hood I have 2-3 inches more hood than I do room on the neck of the cape. Interestingly that is the exact size of the center section of the hood. I’m making three capes so the first one I made a big pleat in the back of the hood. The other two I left out the center piece and the hood fits perfectly almost as if it’s been drafted to fit without that center section. I’ve made many patterns by Lizette and I’ve never run into this before. Since she’s released this pattern as a stand alone I thought I’d warn others in case the pattern hasn’t been redrafted.

    novicesewer @novicesewist

    Not sure if this older post from this forum addresses this.

    I’m having trouble uploading the link.

    If you go to All Forums, search “oliver + s little things to sew” there is a post from 9 years ago that is titled “red riding hood pattern size m can’t get hood to line up right.”

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Hi @karenbadeer
    Here’s the link to the previous topic that @novicesewist was referring to: https://oliverands.com/community/forums/topic/red-riding-hood-pattern-size-m-cant-get-hood-to-line-up-right
    But…. I don’t think that’s your problem. That post is talking about constructing the hood.
    It has been years since I made this pattern, but there wasn’t any error and it all came together.
    So, your hood neckline is too big for your cape neckline, right?
    Is your cape constructed of three segments? A centre back and two side fronts.
    From memory the cape neckline should be considerably bigger than the hood neckline as it folds back on itself to make a kind of facing
    It might sound silly, but have you perhaps only used one side front panel?
    Maybe you could post some pictures here so we can help figure out what has gone wrong.

    Karen Bader @karenBadeer

    Hopefully here is the photo of how much extra was in the hood. I believe my seams were accurate and I clipped the neckline of the cape.

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Thanks for the image @karenbadeer That helps a lot and has saved me digging out the book to check the pattern.
    The image from the instructions just below your fabric demonstrates that the cape itself is made up, from centre front to centre front of the following:
    1 front panel, 2 side panels, 1 back panel, another 2 side panels, 1 front panel.
    Do you have seven panels of fabric making up your cape?
    I’m wondering if you only have five and are missing a side panel on each side?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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